Interview - Stephanie Tsallas

Interview: Stephanie Tsallas - Social and Community Entrepreneur

Stephanie Tsallas is one of Australia's most passionate campaigners for cancer awareness.


My primary career was in beauty therapy I started that career path at 19 years old. By 24 I had established a very reputable business.

I worked extremely hard and had loads of fun with the most amazing clientele. I'm extremely fortunate to have made some wonderful friendships. These amazing people still remain in my life to this day. Thank you, you know who you are.

My Achievements

I have been fortunate to have created my own opportunities in the events sector.
My greatest achievements were the masquerade ball, raising funds and awareness for the Neo natal ward in RPA and an end of year event for a leading aviation company.

I was also fortunate to have collaborated with the Freedom Festival crew and created the visual opening scene for thousands of party goers. Working alongside international artists and an extremely strong marketing team made me realise this was my new career path.

My mentor

She is the epitome of beautiful, successful and wonderful. She makes me laugh and reinvent myself ever time we speak. I give her a hundred ideas whilst she gathers my thoughts into one new perspective.

Our meetings are in a local cafe, sipping an extra hot cappuccino and that's the way we love it. Cheers to you my beautiful Michelle! Here's to many beautiful years of friendship.

What motivates me

Opportunities, failures and possibilities. Human resilience and the desire to look beyond. If you want change, stand to source it is my daily mantra.

My Passions

My daughter, family and small group of friends.
Making a difference to others is what I live for and love to do, it's the little things we do for others that can impact them in ways we never thought.

I also love creative writing, this is my go to. It's my way of escaping into my world of self expression.

My Motto

You can only enrich your life the instant you reach out and help others.
Be the strength they somehow lost!!.....

What is rewarding to me

Solid relationships we make along the way.
Greatness is creating and working tirelessly to achieve it.

My goals

Building solid foundations for Community Events Pty Ltd, with the commitment and dedication of my wonderful partner. We have faced incredible challenges. We are almost ready to launch this magnificent idea that we know will positively impact the community.

About Community Events Pty Ltd

With the expertise of my partner who has been producing TV shows for the last two decades, Community Events Pty Ltd is an organisation that will stimulate our community both visually and mentally. We aim to create, entertain and introduce fun activities for all ages and all abilities. Our objective is uniting the community.