Interview - Peter Ueberroth

Interview: Peter Ueberroth, Political Candidate for Governor, California Recall Election: 30th August 2003

Media Man Australia continues to cover the race for governorship of California.

After weeks of negotiation we have secured an e-mail interview with Peter's campaign office, via Masy Moatazedi.

Why is there a recall election?

Pursuant to Section 11020 of the California Election Code, a qualifying number of registered California Voters signed a recall petition to seek the recall of the governor and elect a successor to that office.

The grounds for recall are as follows: Gross mismanagement of California Finances by overspending taxpayers’ money, threatening public safety by cutting funds to local governments, failing to account for the exorbitant cost of the energy fiasco, and failing in general to deal with the state’s major problems until they get to the crisis stage. California should not have to be known as the state with poor schools, traffic jams, outrageous utility bills, and huge debts...all caused by gross mismanagement.

On priorities:

My top priority as governor will be to get Californians working again. I will work to make California a job friendly state by eliminating the regulations and restrictions that are driving jobs to other states and other countries. I will also work to cap spending and make sure our children get the education they deserve, by making sure money goes to the classrooms and to the teachers, not for bureaucracy or mismanagement.


Editors note: Note - this interview is in progress and not all quotes were given directly to Media Man Australia, Greg Tingle. Some quotes were taken from Peter Ueberroth's official website, as referred to us by his campaign advisor. Others from selected news sources. This interview and information source will be updated as the opportunity arises. Media Man Australia wishes all candidates in the California the best of luck and good fortune.


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No mudslinging for Ueberroth - Staffers say he'll focus on his fix-it prowess - SF Gate - 17th August 2003

SF Gate: Politics


About Peter Ueberroth (credit to the Peter Ueberroth For Governor official website)

Peter Ueberroth is a man committed to solve the problems that face California and to restore the State to its glory as the fifth largest economy in the world.

Peter has a proven track record of taking on a crisis and turning it into success.

The Olympic Games: Peter was named the 1984 TIME magazine's Man of the Year in recognition of his efforts to rescue the modern Olympic movement. At the time he joined the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, the group responsible for putting on the 1984 Olympic Games, it was going bankrupt. For the first time ever, as Peter promised, the Olympics did not run a deficit. In fact, Peter directed the most profitable Olympic Games in history. This global event required true vision and leadership that lead to countless hours of negotiation to achieve important bi-partisan cooperation. The 1984 Olympics left $222 million surplus that continues to fund youth and sports programs across the country to this day.

Major League Baseball: Peter served as the Commissioner of Major League Baseball from 1984 - 1989. When he began this assignment, 22 of the League's teams were losing money. At the end of his term, all of the baseball teams were profitable.

Council on California Competitiveness: In December 1991, Governor Pete Wilson asked Peter to chair a bi-partisan group of California’s business and labor leaders. The assignment was to produce in four months a blueprint for economic reform that would address the state’s recession, with a focus on ways to remove barriers to job creation. There were many different philosophies and interests on the Council, and under Peter’s leadership, they worked together united by their concern for the people of California.

Rebuild Los Angeles: At the request of the Republican Governor, Pete Wilson, and the Democratic Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, Peter led this organization created to develop job opportunities in Los Angeles in the aftermath of the 1992 riots. There was a critical need to get increased corporate support in many of the impacted neighborhoods. It was Peter’s responsibility to approach businesses and get commitments for training, scholarship and investment programs that would increase employment.

In addition to these examples of successful crisis management, Peter has lead many business activities including the purchase of Pebble Beach and its magnificent coastline from the Japanese corporation which previously owned it. He currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Pebble Beach Company. He also directed the team that successfully completed the national expansion of the Doubletree Hotel and Embassy Suites chains. Back in 1962, Peter created First Travel Corporation and when he sold it in 1980, it was the second largest travel business, American Express being the only larger one, in North America.

His many awards include 1984 Man of the Year from TIME magazine and 1984 Man of the Year from SPORTING MAGAZINE. He is one of two Americans to receive the Olympics Order-Gold from the International Olympic Committee. In addition, he received the Sports Torch of Learning Award and Scopus Laureate award from the American Friends of Hebrew University.

Peter was a member of the Young President’s Organization for 22 years and served as its International President in 1981.

He has received honorary degrees from:
Notre Dame
Ohio University Holy Cross
Claremont-McKenna Lafayette
Maryland Loyola-Marymount
San Jose State Monterey Institute
Rensselaer Polytechnic U.S.C.

A proud graduate of Fremont High School, Peter attended San Jose State University on an athletic scholarship in water polo and earned a degree in business. Peter and his wife, Ginny, have four children and seven grandchildren. They live in Laguna Beach.



August 26, 2003
Contact: James Lee
Christine Ribeiro Rubin
Office: (714) 431-0327


COSTA MESA - The Peter Ueberroth for Governor Campaign Web site has been tapped by as the "best" website among candidates in California's recall election. The story cited its simplicity and use of, a service that helps people organize gatherings.

"The best is Peter Ueberroth's ( He's the man credited with turning a profit on the 1984 U.S. Olympic Games. His site is smooth as silk and as easy to navigate as a bathtub. A banner containing photos of Republican Ueberroth and a coastline are underscored by three imperatives: "Spread the Word," "Get Involved!" and "Contribute."

In explaining the use of on the Web site as a method for supporters to get together, the article concludes Mr. Ueberroth is "handing back the reins of campaigning to ordinary people."

The Web site also offers Californians the opportunity to sign-up for the Peter for Governor Issues Forums, tell friends about Peter Ueberroth, learn more about the recall, listen to audio clips, contribute to the campaign and pose questions to Peter on the "Ask Peter a Question" section of the site.

The campaign Web site can be found at

The article is available in its entirety on Information Week's Web site

PRESS RELEASE (courtesy of Peter Ueberroth official website)

3rd September 2003



WALNUT CREEK, CA – Former Olympics chief and candidate for Governor Peter Ueberroth vowed today, during the first candidate debate, to fight for Californians and keep the recall campaign focused on protecting the jobs we have, creating new ones, and fixing California’s budget crisis.

"I was extremely disappointed that there was not more time in tonight’s debate dedicated to creating and saving jobs in California," Uberroth said. "In a ninety-minute debate, very few questions were about job creation and job loss."

"The governor is being recalled because our state is going broke, because we are losing jobs," Ueberroth declared. "This recall, which has become a mandate by the people of California, is not about same sex marriage, or racial privacy. California is in a state of economic crisis, that’s what this recall is about, and that’s what this debate should have been about. I am going to talk about saving jobs and creating better jobs from now through Election Day."

In response to questions, Ueberroth confirmed that he voted against Proposition 187 and stated his support of Roe v. Wade giving a woman the right to choose.

Peter Ueberroth highlighted his experience and record as a successful businessman. He cited his tenure as President of the Olympics, and the unrivaled success of the 1984 Los Angeles games, the most successful in the events history, which generated a record $220 million dollar surplus, as an example of the type of experience and proven leadership he can deliver to California.

"My top priority as governor will be to get Californians working again," Ueberroth pledged. "I will work to make California a job friendly state by eliminating the regulations and restrictions that are driving jobs to other states and other countries. I will also work to cap spending and make sure our children get the education they deserve, by making sure money goes to the classrooms and to the teachers, not for bureaucracy or mismanagement."

The debate, sponsored by KTVU and the Contra Costa Times, was aired live on statewide radio and television, as well as C-SPAN.