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Interview: V, Violent Idols - 30th November 2019


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Hi Aaron, Andy and crew... Greg Tingle from the Maroubra Beach - Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia connection here... this will likely interest you as far as the censorship debate and such in music and the arts goes... I've also sent it to Alex Hilton who did the rockin drums to Enemies With Benefits. Cheers. Greg Scanning the Aussie newspapers today.. this article and contact may interest you and your crew... enjoy the read. Cheers. Greg

Courting controversy, musicians pushing boundaries
By Martin Boulton (The Sydney Morning Herald)
November 30, 2019

Thanks for sharing Greg. Rocks in an interesting place right now for sure. We can’t even open an Instagram store because our shirts have the word Violent on them! It’s harder and harder to reach people if you’re messaged isn’t puppy dogs and ice cream!

I hear you loud and clear. I've been following the situation, both in the U.S, Australia, China and elsewhere. I can do powerful journalism, but even the local newspapers in the Eastern Suburbs edit my stories, but sometimes run my photoart! (of sports and nature, popart style). I am also and online publisher, so my work makes it to the web anyway. Loving Web Is Jericho, which is also in the online publishing game. Rolling Stone Australia is making a comeback soon, so its going to be very interesting to see just how far they can push things. The Australian arm is associated with The Brag Media. The music situation must almost be making some bands think of going to the dark web! .. if they haven't already. Art is anything you can get away with (Andy Warhol) .. now Big Brother is trying to change laws and involving the FAANGS! So, when did you start exp censorship, and what's your main tactic to combat it at present? (with permission I can used this in an article or interview etc : ) I'm back online in 15 mins. Stay in touch and I look forward to as much info as you can tell me about the band formation, where its at now, and where its heading... especially with the censorship debate from Big Brother and the FAANGS... Greg

Could a potential tactic to produce a wider variety of tracks, so some may be more rock, some metal, some for for your MTV's of the world, so you get the reach, but only one or two might get banned? In the 80s I noticed that glam rockers KISS had a range of music and music videos... some were mainstream and got TV time, whilst others didn't, now were ever going to! Then these was Alice Cooper with the chicken, bat or animal stuff on stage, but that didn't make TV, but his songs still sometimes made Australian radio. The AEW connection is an awesome one. What's it doing for both American and global exposure, as well as for the bottom line, tours, merch and so on? (if you don't mind telling us... and potentially our audience, if you clear this for an interview)? What's your motto? Thanks again mate.

Yeah that’s kind of the idea. Try to take enough shots at the system in different ways until one gets through. Everything we do so far has been an experiment to see how much we can push that boundary. So far though not having access to mainstream media hasn’t stopped us from finding an audience. With the internet and with opportunities like AEW we’ve managed to go around the walls instead of letting the walls stop us. Over a million people get to hear our song every week on AEW Dynamite and we’ve never even played a show. It’s crazy!

I've been dying to ask heavy rockers about their thoughts on Rammstein - 'Du Hast', including their official music video .. so I might as well as you. Is their any influence at all, is that just perhaps my music and art imagination running wild, looking for a connection. Did Rammstein use any self censorship that you can see, or do you think they went in balls and all? ......... now, back to you, given the roots of rock n roll and heavy metal, where do you see the future of metal going in 1 year or a decade, if you don't mind playing Nostradamus for a moment?! In AEW, did Tony Khan, Chris Jericho or anyone else ever raise any concerns about your powerful music, or did they basically just say push it as hard as you can and want to? ..... Any chance AEW fans might get to see a live performance of 'Unscripted Violence' and / or 'Enemies With Benefits' at the proposed 'Blood and Guts' supercard, that wrestling legend Cody Rhodes has trademarked? .... what's your advise for young rock or metal bands starting out in the current environment?

There is only actually one full time member of Violent Idols at the moment and that’s me - V. That’s part of the reason I invited some guests to collaborate with me for certain songs such as Andy, Aaron and K.A.Z - it allows us to reach new audiences while also letting them explore different sides of their creativity and point of view with us. I am working on putting together a live line up but at the moment have made no commitments. Just finished recording the first EP and working on videos.

Jon Moxley was referred to me by a mutual friend who knew the music I was working on. My friend gave Jon my number and we met to discuss the kind of song he would want to come out to in AEW. Cody loved it and we had no problems with TNT thankfully!

I would love to be able to play the theme song at a live PPV one day but probably won’t be as soon as Blood and Guts.

I love Rammstien btw. They are definitely an influence on us and our musical point of view.

Awesome. It's been fucking awesome chatting with you mate. Thanks for the hard hitting, real, gritty and truth tellin story behind the music, as your story and journey keeps unraveling. I get the feeling that what you, the band, AEW, Mox and the crew is ground breaking and of historically significance in the music, pop culture, human rights, wrestling and beyond world. I say keep doing what you are doing. The Aussie's are digging it. We're also big Fozzy followers (and fans), and I figured Jericho must be a fan and / or appreciater of some sort, or perhaps things might not got to mainstream AEW stage. He got a 3 million dollar or so deal, and I hope the dollars really start kicking in for you also. Your causing a stir, raising some hell in a good way, and that's a bloody great thing. Now, I think Rolling Stone magazine and the likes need to really get with the program. Keep thrashing legend : ) Thank you. Greg

I think in a year I see us already having release a couple of EPs and maybe an album as well. We’ve gained almost 30k monthly fans on Spotify in the last couple months so we are growing fast. I think we can get to a few hundred fans without ever being supported at radio. I think a year from now radio will be forced to play us because the demand will be there.

Thank you Greg. Nice chatting with you. I appreciate your support.

Ed: there you are folks. You read it here first. The mastermind behind Violent Idols... V. V is front and center of pushing the boundaries in music (and censorship and freedom of expression, from what we can ascertain. For more of Violent Idols on a weekly basis, keep checking their website, Facebook, other social media channels, and tune into All Elite Wrestling broadcasters where wrestler Jon Moxley comes out to their 'Enemies With Benefits' theme music on a frequent basis, and when he does violent follows swiftly after.


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