Interview - Ashes Virmani

Interview: Ashish Virmani, Journalist & Assistant Editor, Man's World India:
7th July 2003

Greg Tingle interview the Assistant Editor of Man's World, Ashish Virmani.

Man's World is based in Indian, and is looking to take a share of the Indian male market, living in Australia.

What is Man's World background?

Greg, Man's World was set up three years ago in order to cater to the 'intelligent' male with a certain level of maturity (thirtyish) and a lifestyle on par with global standards. Our subscribers include top names in the Indian advertising fraternity, film stars, CEOs and anyone connected to a cutting edge lifestyle.

What are your aims and objectives?

Well obviously our primary aim is to have the largest circulation possible and the greatest awareness for our magazine in the market, Indian and worldwide. But it is equally also to promote the fact that a men's magazine can be interested in women and at the same time deal with existential issues without being labeled a 'girlie' magazine.

What milestones has your magazine achieved?

Well the launch issue started out with a cover story of India's no. 1 film star Shahrukh Khan. Subsequently we have covered the top names in television, advertising, films, have a monthly column that looks at men from a woman's point of view, a section that features upcoming models and actresses (where we are credited with having 'discovered' many prominent names), a twice-yearly section on swimsuits (which is always a sellout) plus contemporary Indian literature in English which forms an important part of the magazine.

What are your area's of specialty?

Well really, all of the above, especially contemporary Indian literature in English.

What gives you the edge?

I think it is our writers -- and the fact that we always have a fresh perspective on everything. Plus our visuals and production values are stunning and world class.

Why your interest in Australia?

My interest in Australia is personal and does not represent the magazine. As a journalist of the global village, and combined with the fact that there are a substantial number of Indians now living in Australia, I think there a lot of Indians would identify with stories from their homeland -- especially from Mumbai, where I live, which is the commercial and entertainment capital of the country.

I would like to supply them with those stories through an established route like the 'Sydney Morning Herald' or some such paper with a large Indian readership. Could you possibly help me here with some suggestions? (yes).

What mentors do you and the magazine enjoy?

Man's World' is a multi-proprietorship publication though one of the primary proprietors is Anuradha Mahindra, who is connected to India's automotive giant, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd. She also publishes another glossy quarterly called 'Verve' which is a woman's magazine.


Editors note: An intelligent, education and entertaining read.


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