Search engines were established over the last decade to enable users to wade through the thousands of pages being posted to the Internet. Their purpose is to act as a catalogue; delivering relevant answers to searches performed. Due to the ever-expanding nature of the Internet and search engines who themselves contribute to the clutter, Ansearch evolved out of a need to match users with a small list of relevant, credible and precise information pertaining to their specific search query.

Launched in 2004, Ansearch "Alpha" is designed around the concept of delivering quality results based on user behaviour and popularity. Through popularity ranking, users can be guaranteed the most relevant sites without the need to plough through pages of results which may have no relevance to their initial query.

Some of Ansearch’s distinguishing features include:

* Relatively smaller footprint of Internet sites to increase quality of content;
* Profiling of entire websites rather than individual pages;
* Popularity-driven rankings as opposed to site submissions or spider crawling;
* Real-time update of websites into Ansearch database to assure freshness of information delivered;
* Top 100 listings of websites and top ranking keywords

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