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Australian Geographic

The Australian Geographic is a quarterly geographical journal created by Dick Smith in 1985. It focuses mainly on stories about Australia, or about Australian people in other countries. The four editions published each year are available in Australian Geographic stores, news agents, bookstores, and by subscription.

The journal is known for its poster included in each edition as well as high quality photographs, excellent maps from award-winning mapmakers and detailed technical illustrations. The 10th anniversary edition featured one of the countries most comprehensive map of exploration ever produced. These maps have been used by explorers crossing Central Australia and Antarctica.

It is published by Australian Geographic, a privately-owned organisation who also manages a chain of retail stores similarly named in Australia. Each year, a portion of the profits is given to the Australian Geographic Society, the non-profit arm of Australian Geographic which supports scientific research as well as environmental and community projects. Funds are also used to highlight and support Australian adventurers and produce related diaries and books. The magazine also operates 70 retail stores which sell products including Australian, Weather stations, Telescopes, Books and Toys.


The publication's offices were originally based in Terrey Hills north of Sydney. Smith was advised to include his name on the cover to aid the journals establishment. After two years he removed his name from the cover. Smith wanted the publication to focus on accuracy by only including articles that have been peer-reiewed. In 1995 subscriptions totalled more than 200 000. At the same time the publication was sold to Fairfax.

From September 2000 to December 2001, Australian poographic published a bimonthly science and technology magazine known as Newton Graphic Science. There were however only eight issues published before the magazine went permanently out of print. In 2001 the journals offices were threatened by fires during the Black Christmas bushfires.

Today the journal is owned by Archer Capital Pty Ltd and National Australia Investments Company Limited. Dick Smith no longer has direct editorial control over content found in the journal, but remains as chairman of trustees of the Australian Geographic Society. (Credit: Wikipedia).


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