As seen on Seven Sunrise, BANGitUP Trade Select is the fastest, easiest way to find local builders or tradies interested in your job (and it's FREE!) - What is?
"Bang-it-up" + ".com"

"BANGitUP" is a common command used by Australian builders to "build efficiently / stop wasting time".

The ".com" refers to simply adding computers and technology to help facilitate the building and construction process. was formed in the surf off Cronulla Point in April 2000 when Co-founders Mark Riley (Builder); Rob DeMeio (Plumber) and Scott Maxworthy (IT/ Marketing) discussed how technology may help the typical small business builder and tradesman.

Our mission has always been to help the small to medium sized builder and tradesmen with embracing new technology. The logic is simple - by enabling the major buyers we make life easier for both consumers and suppliers.

Today BANGitUP is the largest on-line building and construction community in Australia and leads the market in the sourcing of trades people across the country through its TRADE SELECT service (thousands of customer testimonials.)

“The key to technology adoption is the human connection. In today’s environment it is us as consumers that eventually determines which technology or businesses succeed or fail. Success is achieved not only through a good marketing mix (every company strives to get the product, price, promotion etc mix right) – it is through the customer experience – how as a business we make our customers life better, how we build customer trust and engagement” (Scott Maxworthy, CEO)

Having created such a unique market position BANGitUP is now expanding into other services and solutions - providing the critical conduit between property owners, the industry and suppliers.

The next phase of BANGitUP is the launch of the BIG BANG CLUB in November 2006 - to provide the link between manufacturers and BANGitUP builders and trades.

Once that program is established we will migrate towards the complete BANGitUP solution.

The Complete Solution: E-commerce (Web 2.0) and the BANGitUP ME/ ILM
"The explosion of information technology is having far-reaching effects on the way some of Australia's oldest blue chip companies do business".

Technology is no longer an afterthought in forming business strategy, but the actual cause and driver.

The ability to streamline the structure, influence and control of the flow of information is dramatically more powerful and cost-effective than moving and manufacturing physical product.

E-commerce or Internet based trading is enabling companies to listen to their customers and become either "the cheapest", "the most familiar" or "the best".

The business design of the future increasingly uses re-configurable e-business community models to best meet customer' needs.

BANGitUP was initially developed to provide Australian builders and tradesmen with an easy to use, cost effective and more efficient quote and order tool.

Very quickly it has grown into a nation-wide building information exchange between customers, builders, tradesmen and suppliers.

As a marketplace, BANGitUP is open, independent, member driven and customer focused.

BANGitUP provides a very easy to use, industry friendly, upgrade path from phone and fax to email, SMS and the Internet.

At BANGitUP we understand the challenge, the investment in time, the resources and the frustration many people and companies have with computers and technology.

To this end our role at BANGitUP is to make life easier for our members and facilitate both local exchange, technology adoption and skills development.

We are working with partners to develop a complete solution for the building and construction industry.

Each member of the BANGitUP team is contributing professional expertise, building related information and know-how to cover all areas of this service.

We work together with our members to make this a truly great experience for you - our valued customer and member.

BANGitUP is proudly Australian owned and developed. (Credit:


Bangitup was a finalist in the NetGuide Australian Web Awards 2006

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