Paul Bennet

Paul Bennet, aviator, stunt pilot, and entrepreneur

Greg Tingle (Mediaman director) and Paul Bennet (Bondi Beach 2008)

The Pilot

You could say Paul Bennet's head has always been in the clouds! Paul's love for flying began at a young age. From accompanying his parents on family holidays in a Cherokee, to model aeroplanes as a 7 year old, flying everything from model aerobatic planes to ducted fan jets and now the latest model gas turbine models.

In October 2000, after a ride in a Pitts S2A, Paul was captivated by the real world of flying and aerobatics. Paul immediately began lessons in a Cessna 152 at Royal Newcastle Aero Club and by 18 June 2001, was himself piloting a Pitts S2A with the world famous Phil Unicomb. After completing emergency manoeuvre training and graduate training with Phil, Paul flew his first solo flight in the Pitts on 8 February 2002.

Paul competed in his first aerobatic competition in 2002 at the Nationals at Parkes in the Graduate category, where he finished first with the highest percentage score of the competition. Paul continued to compete in the Pitts S2A in the Sportsman category the following year, finishing second and winning the highest score for a first time Sportsman pilot.

After the Nationals, Paul's continued practise saw him graduate to the Intermediate category. He moved to a S1S Pitts which is considered by many to be a much better machine and competed at the NSW State Championships at Temora, finishing third.

In 2005, Paul threw himself into serious Advanced category training, flying up to five flights per week. He competed in the 2006 Nationals at Parkes where he placed forth. Returning from the Nationals, Paul took time out for much needed maintenance on his trusty S1S. During this time, Paul flew Phil Unicomb's S2C Pitts which, while a lot of fun, was much harder to fly than the S1S. Paul flew the S2C in the State Championships at Temora where he finished third.

With his S1S back in action, Paul started to train hard for competition and air display performances. He managed to attract some major sponsors for the aeroplane in Acme Fibreglass Supplies. With the help of these sponsors, Paul has launched his air display business - Maxx-G Aerobatics. Maxx-G Aerobatics has performed at numerous events such as Surfest Newcastle and the Mudgee Air Show with great success.

Paul is enthusiastic about continuing his competitive career and strives to be the best air display pilot in the business. Next time you're at an air display, look up ... you'll probably see Paul with his head in the clouds - and loving it! (Credit: Paul Bennet)


Maxx-G Aerobatics


2nd May 2008


Up, up and away - 28th April 2008

Beach Stunt - The Bondi View - March 2009

Bondi Beach local Greg Tingle and aviator Paul Bennet made a gutsy attempt to block out the sun at Bondi Beach last Saturday when Bennet took his Pitt's Special to the air, plastered in Aquasun signage, and circled Bondi Beach. Clouds lessened the effect but the stunt was incident free, and no sharks were spotted. Bennet is the Australian advanced aerobatic reigning champion and is now working on an air stunt for the world famous Crusty Demons.


Maxx G Aerobatics


Greg Tingle (Mediaman director) and Paul Bennet

Up, up and away - 28th April 2008