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Human Statue Bodyart Human Entertainment Fashion Education Airbrushing Costume Design


Human Statue Bodyart provides makeup - Fashion, Glamour and Bridal Course

How to secure a career in makeup and bodyart

Human Statue Bodyart ramps up American and Americana themed designs with body paint and human statues

Human Statue Bodyart supplies bodypainted golden models for Eleven Nightclub private birthday party

Human Statue Bodyart creating Medusa themed costumes, bodypaint and bodyart for parties in Sydney

SI Swimsuit Issue Body Paint Model: Sports Illustrated bodypainted models

Australian flag bodypainted model: Make love and peace, not war

Zeta Bar's Secret Garden At Hilton Sydney: Secret Garden human statue models every Friday Night - 22nd Feb 2013

SI Swimsuit Issue Body Paint Model: Sports Illustrated bodypainted models

Waratahs rugby union player Drew Mitchell gets bodypainted for team bet

Wallaby Mitchell turns statue (multimedia) - Channel Nine News


Body paint and body art business searches on Google...

Not to anyone's surprise, searches for bodypainting and bodyart are some of the most popular art and fashion searches performed on search engines such as Google. Google won't give exact numbers, but they are huge. This is part of the reasons bodypainting and bodyart creative arts companies strive to attain the highest Google ranking as possible, looking to snatch corporate and private bodypainting and bodyart clients and opportunities. In the meantime, the general public are enjoying a wonderful array of bodypainted models showcased online. Could a Google art or bodyart showcase or shop be next? Don't change your dial and be watching out for Google TV when it comes to your city.



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