Didjitalis is Mike Edwards and Nick West. Based in Sydney Australia, this due has developed a new style of music fusing organic and electronic elements to create infectious dance floor grooves.

Mike Edwards is a highly accomplished contemporary didgeridoo player.

In addition to performing in Australia, Mike plays regularly in Europe and Japan.

Mike has a highly rhythmic playing style that compliments Nick's electronic grooves.

Starting out as a DJ in the cybernetic hive of Tokyo five years ago, Nick discovered the sound of trace music early. Playing regularly in clubs and at outdoor festivals, he began to understand how to engage the crowd. Since his return to Sydney in 2000, Nick has dedicated himself to full time producing.

The debut Didjitalis album, Positive Form Negative Space, is the result of a twelve month studio collaboration between Mick and Nick. The album showcases the artist's unique ability to create experimental music that explores the boundary between organic and electronic sound in the context of the dance scene.

For artist booking contact - didjitalis@hotmail.com


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