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Michelle Leslie


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Leslie: I wasn't dumped (Credit: The Sydney Morning Herald - AAP) - 24th April 2005

Michelle Leslie was not dumped by her agency, but resigned to take some time out from modelling, her spokesman says.

Chic Management today announced it had terminated its relationship with the convicted drug taker yesterday.

"Chic Management announced that it no longer represents Michelle Leslie," Chic said in a brief statement.

But Ms Leslie's spokesman, Sean Mulcahy, said the model had resigned from the agency that has represented her for four years.

"Yesterday afternoon she faxed through her resignation," Mr Mulcahy said.

"The reasons for that were she felt she needed to take some time out and get herself together, gather her thoughts and recuperate after what can only be described as a horrendous experience."

At this stage, Ms Leslie had not approached or been approached by any other agency, he said.

"I think modelling is the last thing on Michelle Leslie's mind at this stage."

Mr Mulcahy said the parting had been amicable, with Ms Leslie thanking Chic for their support, particularly over the past few days.

Ms Leslie was convicted of using drugs after Indonesian police found two ecstasy tablets in her handbag.

She was released from Bali's Kerobokan jail at the weekend and flew home to Sydney on Tuesday for an emotional reunion with her boyfriend Scott Sutton and her parents.

Ms Leslie was sentenced to three months' jail but had already served the time waiting for a trial.


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Media Man Australia has passed business leads to Markson Sparks! in relation to Michelle Leslie

Media Man Australia did pitch and campaign Channel Nine's 60 Minutes (via telephone and e-mail letter) to run a story on Michelle Leslie from April to May 2006, and Network Nine aired a story on Michelle Leslie on the 4th June 2006.

Media Man Australia believes that all people deserve a second chance, and it's important to put yourself in someone else's position, before passing judgment.

We wish Michelle Leslie continued success in her career.


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