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Eddie McGuire joined Channel Nine in February 1994 as sports commentator and co-host of the award winning program The Footy Show. Since then Eddie has joined the top-rating Who Wants to be a Millionaire as host as well as presenting other national programs on the Nine Network including the forthcoming Test Australia: The National IQ Test 2002.

In 1996 he presented the nightly sports report on and anchored the American NFL Gridiron coverage. He co-presented the 1998 Commonwealth Games from Kuala Lumpur and in March 1999 he fronted Nine's coverage of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix.

His on air talents don't limit him to the sports arena. In 1997 Eddie hosted the Crown Casino opening and guest hosted the also during that year.

In April 1999, Eddie was chosen by the network to host the international mega-hit quiz show Who Wants to be a Millionaire and continues to present this program which is a world-wide success in 25 countries.

Born in Melbourne in 1964 and educated at Christian Brothers College, Eddie began his media career in 1978 as a football statistician with the Herald-Sun newspaper.

In 1982, Eddie joined Channel Ten as a sports journalist/presenter for Eyewitness News where he remained until 1993.

In 1997, Eddie and his brother, Walkley Award-winning journalist, Frank McGuire, formed McGuire Media. The company co-produces the hugely successful Triple M radio program The Grill Team.

Eddie has also written two bestsellers, Pants: The Darren Milane Story and Footy Show Screamers and writes a weekly column in The Melbourne Herald Sun.

In January 1998, Eddie represented the Australian Republican Movement at the Constitutional Convention in Canberra. Eddie contested the election and was elected with more than 400,000 votes by the people of Victoria.

A passionate and devoted Collingwood football fan since his childhood, Eddie became President of the club in September 1998.

Despite his hectic schedule, Eddie can still find time to help others through the Trevor Barker Foundation. The foundation honours the memory of the St Kilda star who died after a courageous battle with cancer in 1996.

The foundation has raised funds and has bought a home in a Victorian beachside resort for the families of children with cancer.

Away from his professional commitments, Eddie spends time with his wife Carla and child Joseph.

Bio 2:

As a highly respected sports commentator, host of Channel Nine's award winning The Footy Show, and Who Wants To be a Millionaire, and President of Collingwood Football Club, Eddie McGuire is one of television's most familiar faces.

Since joining the Nine Network, Eddie has expanded his national profile by presenting numerous programmes including the sports report for Nightline in 1996 and hosting the Victorian edition of Sports Sunday. His on air talents have also extended to other arena including The Midday Show.

Eddie McGuire, is one of football's most familiar faces. He is regarded as one of the most influential men in Australian Rules Football. Eddie began his media career at age 14 as a football statistician with the Herald Newspaper. He joined Australian Associated Press as a cricket writer and continued reporting with them until 1982 when he joined Network Ten as a sports reporter for Ten Eyewitness News, where he remained until 1993. While at Network Ten he was a regular contributor to the Sunday Observer and the Sunday Herald. In 1988 Eddie began presenting the sports report for Triple M radio.

Well known as one of Australia's best Football and Cricket commentators, McGuire is also host of the highly popular 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' and The Melbourne Footy Show. He started his career as a football statistician at age 14 with the Herald Newspaper. A keen Republican, he is also author of two best sellers - The Darren Milane Story and Footy Show Screamers.

Despite his hectic schedule Eddie always finds time to support numerous charities especially the Trevor Barker Foundation, in honour of former St Kilda star and his close friend who lost his battle against cancer in 1996.

Eddie McGuire probably has "more on his plate" than any other Australian media personality. In recent times he would go from radio station Triple M to Channel Nine News to co-host of Channel Nine's hugely successful "Footy Show" - and always with a smile on his face.

McGuire has worked extremely hard for his recent successes; starting as a football statistician at 14 with the Herald Newspaper, becoming a cricket writer with Australian Associated Press, a Sports Reporter for Ten Eyewitness News and a regular contributor to the Sunday Observer and the Sunday Herald.

Conflicts of interest?

Eddie says this on conflicts of interests...

"Look it is one of those ones. When you look at conflict of interest I don't think I would rank in the top ten in football. When you look at it the chairman of the AFL commission had conflicts, the president of Carlton certainly has conflicts, you would say that Steven Silvagni - as a commentator and self-confessed salary cap cheat has conflicts and he is now a board member of Carlton".

"Tim Lane's got more conflicts than you can poke a stick at but at least with me, I'm up front about anything and I can say I do have conflicts, but I know how to manage them and ultimately all I can do is do what I've said for five years now and that is judge me by what is happening and what has happened, rather than what you think might happen".

"Yes, there is a potential for anybody who has power in any organisation to misuse it but the reasons why I got involved was never to further my cause, in fact I went from being Captain Nice Guy who everybody likes on the Footy Show to being hated by 15 clubs and then I'm punching on with the AFL, when my employer is trying to get the football rights. So if it could be judged that I was getting personal gain out of it, if I dudded Collingwood for the sake of channel 9, or channel 9 for the sake of Collingwood, or anything else like that then yes, I'm happy to answer any allegations that are thrown my way but I can honestly stand here today and say there has been no conflict that has resulted in a negative impact on any of the areas that I am involved in - and as long as that is the case I will keep going. It is like anything in life, if you are going to be a leader, you are going to draw heat, especially at this club and the other supporters and clubs are jealous of us and they are very wary of us. While they have enjoyed the last few years in that they could laugh at us, they are not laughing now".


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