Freddy Pittman

Freddy Pittman

Freddy Pittman was born and bred in Australia. From an early age he was fascinated with Aussie wildlife and regularly used to bring home snakes and spiders to play with, probably in part to frighten his sister.

Following a 'Funnel-web in the teacher's draw incident', he left school determined to make his mark on the world, working all over Australia in jobs such as Jackaroo and Deep Sea Fisherman.

It was while he was stuck in Kalgoorlie, trying a spot of mining and unable to leave because of, shall we say, a misunderstanding with the police...that he came up with an idea to introduce the joys of 'Aussie bushtucker' to the rest of the world. Munching on kangaroo stew and witchetty grubs with the locals, he realised that most people were missing out on something truly fantastic. Deciding then to learn and teach all he could about it, he spent 4 years at university gaining a degree in science and communications.

Arriving in England for the first time, he soon got distracted, and in a scenario that mirrors 'Barrie McKenzie's Adventures' in the 1970's film - he was offered a feature role in a series of advertisements for the launch of '7UP lite'. Says Freddy: "Yea, they had me looking like a total wally. I was wearing tartan trousers with a midrift top, and singing 'Drink that brand new 7UP lite boy' to the tune of 'Play that funky music' while dancing in a lift! From then on, I couldn't go for a beer without the whole pub breaking into song and doing the 'liftdancing' impressions!

After leaving the UK in a hurry, Freddy travelled around the world and again became passionate about bushtucker, eating giant waterbugs and scorpions in Thailand and roasted tarantulas in Venuzuela. Upon returning to Australia he saw an advertisement for 'The World Insect Eating Championships' to be held in the UK in 2005. He saw this as an opportunity to introduce Aussie bushtucker to the Poms, and to emulate his Aussie sporting heroes' successes all at the same time.

Freddy set about creating the world's-first 'Insect-Eating Boardgame', and also went into heavy training for the championships, living on a diet of locusts, wichetty grubs and ants.

After shipping 300 kilos of dry-roasted Australian insects to the UK to be included in his revolutionary game "The Bushtucker Challenge", Freddy returned there to take on the world in one of the weirdest World Championships ever contested. He competed against entomophagists from countries including Brazil, Canada, Spain, Italy and the USA, powering through to the final against a hard drinking Pommy Publican on the same day the Australian cricket team was crumbling.

Footage from the now legendary final was shown on over 200 channels worldwide with Channel 10's Jessica Rowe reporting: " Forget the Ashes. Our sporting honour has been restored with an Aussie beating the world's finest....bugeaters."

Following the momentous win, Freddy launched "The Bushtucker Challenge" to huge acclaim in the UK with National newspapers rating it - "...The most perfect game ever invented" and "Likely to cause the most extreme reactions since the advent of strip poker!" He soon became the darling of the chat shows, getting the hosts to munch 'Slow Cooked Crickets' and 'Zoophoba Worm Omlette' - becoming known in the UK as 'Bushtucker Freddy'.

Upon returning to Australia, Freddy was booked by Sam Righi to support 'The Pat Cash Allstar Band' on their Sydney tour with his unique blend of audience-participation-insect-eating and stand up routines.

Freddy now runs World Champ TV Productions and is currently travelling Australia filming a documentary, and he still enjoys the occasional witchetty grub.


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