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Vince McMahon wins Media Man 'Wrestling Promoter Of The Month' award and 'Promoter Of The Month' award

All Elite Wrestling poised to become game-changer - 26th January 2019

Greg Tingle Promotions website relaunched, Media Man Int and Media Man Australia ramps up

Media and Sports Agent Greg Tingle Assisting United Australia Party In Media Capacity; Kingsford-Smith Region of Sydney - Tony Tawaf

MR. PR - Max Markson *republished by demand

The Great Aussie Promoters - 5th October 2003

The Great Yankee Promoters, by Greg Tingle

The man behind the deal: who is Lisa Wilkinson's manager Nick Fordham? - 17th October 2017

Paul Heyman still top pick for greatest pro wrestling manager of all time says Media Man agency



My Dad - The Big Chief, by David Little Wolf - 12th July 2004

How the UFC's mixed martial arts became the biggest non-tech trade of the century -
6th July 2017

How the Territory pioneered a multi-billion dollar gambling industry - 15th November 2017


Tony Khan: I Plan To Make More Big Signings, The Forbidden Door Will Open Again Soon

American Top Team under Dan Lambert wins Media Man 'Wrestling Faction' and 'Combat Sports Faction Of The Month' award

Vince McMahon already has two big matches planned for ‘biggest WWE WrestleMania ever’ in 2023

Sami Zayn crashes Johnny Knoxville’s “Jackass Forever” Red Carpet Premiere

The Pat McAfee Show gets $30M per year in blockbuster FanDuel deal

The Pat McAfee Show: Interview with Triple H (WWE / NXT)

Pat McAfee Show wins Media Man 'Podcaster Of The Month' and 'Sports Podcaster Of The Month' award

The Kurt Angle Show wins Media Man 'Podcast Of The Month

RVD CBD wins Media Man 'CBD Of The Month' Award

Fozzy YouTube channel named as one of world's greatest YouTube music and pop culture channels by Media Man agency

NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) wins 'Wrestling Promotion Of The Month' Award


Putting a new spin on an old sales pitch


Promotions Advertising Publicity



"Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!" - P. T. Barnum



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Give him a tingle - 15th August 2005

MR. PR - Max Markson

WWE's Vince McMahon challenged UFC President Dana White to a fight


Paul Dainty wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month', followed by WWE's Vince McMahon

Nick Fordham wins Media Man 'Promoter Of The Month' - May 2018

WWE in Melbourne: Wrestling superstars John Cena, Ronda Rousey, Triple H to take over MCG in epic showdown event

Eastern Suburbs Media, Maroubra Business Media, Bondi Beach Directory, Northern Beaches Media and Coastal News Media have your business and brand covered; Media Man network coastal and social media expansion - May - July 2018

Human Statue Bodyart provides show horses with bodyart and bodypaint for Rock Lily nightclub event at The Star: Melbourne Cup promotion

The great Aussie promoters

The great Yankee promoters

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