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+555,000 registered members, aged 13-25
70% Male, 30% Female
313,000 in USA, 98,000 in Canada, and 144,000 Internationally
Average household income US$ 67,000


Active outdoor activity enthusiasts. Snowboard in winter, water
sports, skateboard and bike etc. in summer.
Frequent shoppers of tech, music, gaming gadgets, sporting goods, clothing, travel, snack food, beverages and fast food.
Internet savvy. Use the Internet & email as source for information on products.
Download videos of favourite bands & movie trailers.
Chat with friends.
Influenced by peer group, current styles, looks and trends in urban cities.
Live in the suburbs.
Sensitive to being advertised to with strong corporate tone.
Active consumers.

*Media Man Australia is the Australasian (Australia & New Zealand) agent for

*This includes both Internet business and video footage, such as the Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival (16th - 25th April 2004)

Attention: Media Buyers and TV Station Executives

Telus World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Video Overview

Photos Overview

Festival Website

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