The Gladiator

The Gladiator

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Based on the action-packed film and featuring original movie clips, The Gladiator is a 5-Reel 25-Line Video Slot game that will take players back to the days of the Roman Empire… Players get to experience the lives of the emperors and the slaves, in the arena and on the battle fields, while collecting stone plates and Gladiator helmets for free spins and multipliers in two exciting bonus rounds – Coliseum Bonus & Gladiator Bonus. This is an amazing chance to be a part of this all-time favorite adventure movie!


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Set in the Coliseum of ancient Greece, this 500-coin, five-reel slot machine offers a wopping 50 paylines. With the roar of the crowd and the majestic trumpets, you can really get into character when you play this slot. There is a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, one bonus game, and a mixed pay combination available in this game. There are 5 coin size options in this game.

Wild Symbol
The wild symbol is represented by the Wild Coin symbol in this game. It can substitue any symbol to form a winning combination, except for the Scatter Eagle. The Wild Coin can subsititue for the Gladiator and Maident symbols to make Mixed Pay combinatoins (see below). When you get more than one Wild Coin symbol, the payout is the same as for the Gladiator combinations payouts.

Scatter Symbol
The scatter symbol is represented by the Scatter Eagle symbol. As long as two Scatter Eagles appear anywhere within the five reels of the game area you will winn a scatter payout.

Free Spins Bonus Game
If you spin three or more scatter symbols, you can play the Free Spins bonus game. This bonus awards 100 free spins, in which your initial bet remains the same throughout the entire 100 spins. You cannot re-activate the Free Spins bonus feature while in the free spin mode.

Mixed Pay Combination
The striking Gladiator Symbol can be combined with the beautiful Maiden symbol to create a mixed pay combination payout. When these two symbols appear on the five reels, a unique combination is made, but one of the symbols must appear in the first reel, and these payouts are made left to right.

All winnings are paid based on the highest winning combination made on each enabled payline. Regular wins are paid out from left to right, but scatter wins are collected from any position on the five reels. Scatter wins and bonus wins will be added to regular wins.



Sound the fanfare! Welcome to Microgaming’s FIRST 50 line video slot machine. This 5 reel 50 line monster is equipped with the best animations, crystal-clear symphonic sounds, brilliant prizes and above audience; well it sounds like one anyway! The Gladiator slot bares an uncanny resemblance to the classic 2000 film by the same name and even the leading lady in the slot looks like the actress Connie Nielsen from the film. Regardless of its controversies, this slot is jam-packed with superb features from the usual wilds, scatters, and spectacular 100 free-spins, you also have the exclusive opportunity of mixing icons to vary your pay combinations. No matter what aspects of slots you most prefer, there’s plenty here on offer for anyone to enjoy.

As with many other Microgaming games recently produced, (like Curry in a Hurry or Path of the Penguin) you are greeted with an introductory animation that really sets the tone of the forthcoming game. Hear the roar of the amphitheatre’s crowd, see the Gladiator puff out his chest after victory and notice the Maiden innocently glance your way. If that isn’t enough to start you on this epic adventure of a slot, then think about the prizes on offer! The minute you enter the game, you realise that it is far more special than your usual video slot machine. The surround sound of the crowd is complemented by the contemplative yet victorious music in the background. The animation for the reel spins is smooth, and the general slot sounds used all have the feeling of exceptional thought.

There are four main symbols you will want to reveal from your spins; the scatter symbol of the Golden Eagle, the wild icon of the Gladiator Coin, and the Gladiator and Maiden icons that can work together to win you superb prizes. The scatter icon can win you up to 250 times your total spun bet and also up to 100 free-spins with up to a 5 times multiplier. The wild can help create you winning combinations from seemingly empty spins. One of the most fabulous examples of a new device is the Mixed-Pay feature. If you spin 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the Gladiator or Maiden symbol across an active payline, you can drop a line multiplier of 5, 75, 750 or 5,000 times respectively. However if you create a mixture combo of the two different icons, a 2, 3, 4 or 5 combo will drop you a 3, 50, 250 or 2,000 times respectively. This feature is something completely unique and has all the promise in becoming a certain standard in future video slots.

This game oozes quality from every part. The design aspects are a complete success, and the numerous prizes on offer would be overwhelming if they were not so brilliant! Microgaming has once again upped their standards of slots gaming and not only will it make their competitors try to do the same, but it all leads to one thing...benefiting you the gamer.


Press Release

New 'Gladiator' Themed Slot Games at

14th May 2009

The notoriously popular actor-turned-rapper, Joaquin Phoenix, can now be found
on the new 'Gladiator' themed slot games at

When Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from film last year and made his
musical debut as a hip hop artist, Hollywood was taken by surprise. More
recently, Phoenix can be seen at the online Casino Tropez, where his image is
being used on the new 25-line slots game, Gladiator.

Phoenix's career shift into music was unexpected. The aspiring rapper has
shocked both the hip hop community and his fellow thespians with his sudden
change of profession. Whether intentional or not, his career shift has
successfully garnered attention from such events as his recent visit to the
David Letterman Show and a hilarious impersonation delivered by Ben Stiller at
the 81st Annual Oscar Awards.

The slots machine game to which Joaquin has been linked features symbols from
the 5 time Oscar-winning film Gladiator, in which he starred. The unique
mini-film excerpts seen when hitting a big pay-line show the actor at his best,
portraying the fearsome Emperor Commodus. Other slot symbols include the images of the late Oliver Reed as Proximo.

Journeying to the bonus round is bound to get the adrenalin pumping, as members
travel through winding corridors to the main arena along with the gladiators.
The Gladiator game features two different bonus levels as well as a Gamble
option - giving players the chance to double their winnings.


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Gladiators was one of the most popular shows on Australian and British television in the past decades.

In September 2007 rumors started that Gladiators will be soon once again on Australian TV.

2008 Update

Gladiators is now one of the most popular shows on Australian TV

News - John "Vulcan" Seru goes public on thoughts on new Gladiators


Geoff Barker (Commando)

John Seru (Vulcan)

Channel 7

Zoe Naylor

Hulk Hogan

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Mediaman has secured media for Geoff Barker, John Seru and others: Channel 7, SEN Sports Radio, BBC, The Sydney Morning Herald, Triple M, Sun Herald, The Daily Telegraph