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It's not just "other people" who get the Glamour Jobs!!

So many people give up before they've even started, mostly because they don't know where to begin. With the help of the GLAMOUR JOB CAREER GUIDE you can read about what your dream job entails, see inside stories from other people who have succeeded - sometimes against all odds, plus get the contacts you need to take your first step towards your very own Glamour Job.

Glamour Jobs included in this book:

From Hairdresser to Racing Driver - The GLAMOUR JOB CAREER GUIDE has it all.

Show Biz, Health and Fitness, Modelling, Fashion, Acting, Singing, Golf, Football, Baseball, Beauty and Therapies, Travel, Airlines, Radio, Television, Journalism, Public Relations... The sky's the limit!!

Whether you are just starting out from school or college, or at a crossroads and changing your career, it is important that you don't set your sights too low. All too often, the opportunities are right in front of you and sometimes in a completely different field that you never thought possible. All it takes is the courage to go for your dreams and the benefit of some insider tips to get you on your way!

The GLAMOUR JOB CAREER GUIDE is about people who have achieved their goals; landed themselves the career of their dreams and how they got to where they are today. This book is invaluable for school/college leavers and career changers of all ages and great for parents and teachers as a means of information and inspiration. Buy the book! - click here


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