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Sport is a competitive market and to gain your share of POSITIVE exposure, now is the time to be pro-active.

The Media Game's media-only website,, potentially puts your story, your club, your meetings, your races, your trainers, your horses into every newsroom in Australia.

Sure you can post a release on our site, but we're about much more than that.
We'll conduct an audio interview and place it on our site in broadcast-quality, easy to download formats for radio stations and print journalists to access.

It's simply a matter of calling us and giving us access to your nominated talent or spokesman for a phone interview, and we'll do the rest. Within 10 minutes we can have your story and audio interview on our website, instantly available to the media.

And you have control on the message and when it is delivered.

Our service is perfect for generating exposure for up coming events, or handling high demand events or crisis situations.

And we actively promote our website to the media world-wide, making a daily point of reference for all mainstream media. We also issue an e-mail alert for every audio interview, directing the media to your content.

For those, with a need for a constant media presence, we can also offer you your own media centre, designed in your colours and carrying your logo, which sits on our front page and carries only your content. It can act as a total media centre for your website as well as giving you tremendous media reach.

To get in the game, call us now at The Media Game, on (02) 9543-8511.


Our website currently has a massive database of news directors throughout Australia who check our
website for content every day.

When you have an announcement or comment to make, just call our professional audio studio in Sydney where we will record your interview grab.

Within minutes your interview, along with your media release, will be placed on our website.

Media are instantly alerted to your news grabs via e-mail with a direct hotlink to the site.

They then simply download your broadcast quality audio interview, ready for air.

And press journalists can accurately access your interview, guaranteeing accuracy.

It's that simple.

One of our valued clients is the Tourism Task Force - Australia's peak tourism industry group - here's what their CEO has to say about

Using Media Game services has enabled Tourism Task Force to literally reach hundreds of radio
stations around the country instantly - in a convenient and cost effective manner. Warren and his
team at Media Game are extremely professional and offer a high quality and innovative service. I have no hesitation in recommending Media Game.

CHRISTOPHER BROWN - Chief Executive Tourism Task Force

We also asked the Australian Cricket Board's Media Manager Brian Murgatroyd why they continue to use, after the 2001 Ashes Tour:

Q- Now, this is the second tour you have used, has the service been useful?
A- No question about it. One of the largest requirements is the radio industry. There are hundreds of radio stations throughout Australia and most of them want a piece of the players. When a player has finished a six or seven hour stint in the field, he doesn't want to have to deal with numerous media interviews. The Media Game allows us to get the players view across and available to all media networks while giving the player the time they need to themselves. It has been a happy marriage indeed.

Q - Do you use the service for media management, promotion or a bit of both?

A- Definitely a bit of both. It allows us to get the ACB's message out while managing the time and
commitments of the players more effectively. It has definitely worked very well during the tour.


This service is fully accountable as it truly is a media-only website.


This service is fully accountable as it truly is a media-only website.

Media organisations are issued with a log-in and password code which gives you an accurate picture of
who is using your material and when.

We supply you with a full report on each audio interview, providing an invaluable research tool.



This service allows you to record your interview when you want, and release it when you want.

For example, if you want to target breakfast radio, we simply embargo your interview until 4am and it
will not appear on the website until that time.

Our embargo system is also perfect for pre-recording key messages to coincide with a major event or

THE BENEFITS ARE ENORMOUS · We heavily market our site to all media, giving you a fantastic PR tool to issue your comments.

· Our audio grabs are of the highest quality, delivered in broadcast-quality formats wav and mp3,
allowing radio stations to place them straight to air.

· Our site is strictly media-only, giving you instant access to every radio station and media organisation
in the country.

· This site is immediate. Within 10 minutes your interview is available to all media networks.

· Allows you to broaden your media reach, while saving you time.

· It is fully accountable. We provide a full report on who downloaded your audio grab and when.

· It is a pro-active way of delivering your message to the media and, therefore, the public.

· It is accurate and gives you greater control on your message.

Perfect for crisis management and urgent reaction statements.


This is the future.

In a world where being immediate and accurate are the keys to success, this service delivers.
The days of spending two hours recording short interview grabs with radio stations throughout the
country are over. With our service, just one interview and the job is done. And you have access to more
radio stations than you could ever have accessed the old way.

The days of just releasing a boring press release are numbered, too.

Our service is pro-active. Giving you the chance to deliver a message, which the media can instantly put
to air.

All this and you also instantly know who downloaded your interview and when.
It's time to get in the game. THE MEDIA GAME.

Interested to know more?

Contact: Martin Cook at The Media Game on (02) 9543 8511 or via e-mail at



Martin Cook, The Media Game - 3rd April 2003

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