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Inspired by a rioting child and a force unknown to mankind, spawns the life of Tylers Riot...

Featuring Marks Spinks from Three Point Tilt, Cale Storer from Dreamshifter and Dan Freeman from Element, Tylers Riot is an explosive combination of rock 'n roll plucked from the bowels of the Sydney music scene.

Tylers Riot is the return of monster stadium rock, with an infectious sound and catchy hooks reminiscent of the invincible early 90's rock era.

Tylers Riot have created their own distinctive sound out of influences from such acts as Soundgardens, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver and AC/DC to name a few, but they have an undeniable originality within their music which is rare for modern day acts.

Soon Tylers Riot will need groupie repellent as they launch into the lives of music lovers all over the world, RIOT logos will be drawn on school bags, bus stops and used as screen savers on millions of computers world wide.

Tylers Riot's live shows are settings new standard for future rockers as they embrace the fact that blood, sweat and tears is not nearly enough to satisfy Tylers Riot fans who expect to walk away from the shows feeling as if they had just rocked the stage themselves.

The Band:

Mark Spinks VOCALS

Cale Storer GUITARS

Chris Riot GUITARS

Dan Freeman BASS

Luigi Vieira DRUMS


Tylers Riot on PBS FM Friday Morning!
Tylers Riot will be interviewed on PBS FM 106.7 (Melbourne) by Todd James on "The Morning Spread" breakfast radio program (6am - 9am) this friday. You can tune into the webcast at www.pbsfm.org.au Stay tuned for more details...

November 2006: Dallas Dance Promotions to feature in Tyler's Riot music video