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Virgin Central


Virgin Central, a revolutionary new kind of television channel.

Miami to Vegas and the White House to the OC
Virgin Central offers a world of entertainment
Virgin Media, the home of one of Europe's biggest TV-on-demand libraries, is making today a red-letter day for TV fans, with the launch of Virgin Central, a revolutionary new kind of television channel.

Virgin Central heralds a new way to watch favourite progammes, combining the simplicity of a traditional channel with the choice and control of TV-on-demand technology.

Virgin Media customers will be able to watch what they want, when they want without having to follow listing guides or even set the PVR. From catching criminals on CSI: Miami to catching up on the gossip from The OC; to finding out what the surgeons in Grey's Anatomy or the spin doctors in the West Wing are up to, Virgin Central has it all.

Other top shows available on Virgin Central include: Nip/Tuck, Little Britain; Alias, Criminal Minds and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The channel is free and hosts a showcase of blockbuster entertainment around the clock, selected from the best of the company's TV-on-demand service. By pressing one button and using a simple on-screen guide, viewers will have instant access to different episodes of the shows at any time of the day or night. The viewing can then be stopped, rewound and paused - just like a DVD.

Virgin Media customers can choose from a variety of TV packages to suit their needs, from a Medium package of 39 channels and on-demand content, to an XL package of over 129 channels and on-demand content. Customers with the XL package will also be able to watch subscription on-demand content from HBO - the home of top shows including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under and Entourage - as part of their standard monthly fee.

Ernie Cormier, chief commercial officer of Virgin Media, said: "Virgin Central offers a feast of hit shows in one place and is set to become the destination of choice for TV lovers. By combining brilliant content with the unrivalled versatility of our technology, we have created something that no other company provides. Virgin Central will make TV-on-demand the simple, compelling service it should be."

The new channel will complement Virgin Media's existing library of TV-on-demand entertainment, which includes over 500 movies, highlights from the previous week's primetime schedule, classic series and music videos. Together with a wide choice of broadcast channels, a sophisticated personal video recorder and high definition capability, TV-on-demand places Virgin Media's customers at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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