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World Disaster Help

The Baghdad Orphanage

On 26th December 2004 most of the world was shocked when the news of a Tsunami wave in the Indian Ocean and the devastation it caused came through and interrupted worldwide Christmas celebrations. This was the spur for several likeminded people to get together and get Involved with Charity work.

Steve Cooke & Emma Lothian traveled out to Sri Lanka and assessed what could be done, and had a backbone of people who wanted to get Involved in the various projects that had been brought back.

Steve has been involved with Humanitarian, War & Civil Conflict, and various other situations that have required immediate help; last year he helped get Aid out to the Hurricane hit Island of Grenada.

Emma is Deaf, and has done many Deaf Charity Projects, including work in Africa.

The Majority of WDH Steering Committee are experienced in various aspects of Charity and Charity Work. We have pooled our resources so that we can help some of the people of Sri Lanka get back to Work, we are planning the project over time so that we can get a good Peace message behind our work, good organisation and be able to help Sri Lanka communicate to and show the 'outside world' what Aid is and isn't getting through, also to show where Aid is needed, and where it is not.

Disasters are not a new thing to the world, there are many that go unnoticed every year.

The people involved have a long term objective and a desire to help victims in the immediate aftermath of disasters, and help to get the affected region 'back on it's feet'.

Earthquakes, famine, disease and hurricanes (to name a few) must always get the developed worlds attention, Rollo Davidson and McFarlane have kindly Sponsored us in the setting up of our Charity status.



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