Website Review: Universal Online

Website Review: Universal Online (Universal Music Group B2B website), by Greg Tingle

If you're in the business of sound, this site may have you dancing.

That's the verdict on Universal's new B2B website. Slick, organised and easy-to-consume, this extension of Universal's online family - unlike many websites - has a purpose. "…developed to provide Universal Music Australia and our business partners the capability to exchange catalogue information, digital assets (i.e. cover art, photos, biographies, press releases, sound grabs, etc), and artist event information." And it does it well. It informs, it engages and it does all at speed. Time intolerant business partners, clients and interested parties will be logging on and accessing their favourite muso and gig with a smile.

Once "in", the site recognises you, and identifies your computer - most handy in these days of Internet fraud and intellectual property concerns. The user had the option of updating preferences.

Importantly, the Universal team uses the Net to its maximum potential. "…provides retailers with the ability to place orders online and look up order, invoice and return history information." This is much more than an online brochure.

The site contains information features such as promotional spiel for touring artists, and a valuable links page! Over 40 are listed.

Particular useful, a search box facilitates a catalogue, assets or events search - just what the music executive or struggling agent needs! You can never be too careful with the muso's, let alone their agents!

Artist event information, however, could be more complete by adding venue contact details.

Moving onto design and functionality, the visually appealing site has a comfortable balance between graphics and content. Communication is clear and graphical overload is avoided. And navigation? Easy.

Professional, functional and user-friendly, websites like this, and Apple' iTunes are at the front of the online choir, performing for customers and partners alike.

Universal Online: a musical industry innovator singing the song of interactive design success? Sure looks that way.

Bravo. Universal appeal!


Universal Online Australia

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