Online Bingo TV

Online Bingo TV

Online bingo websites spent over £7million on TV advertising in 2008 according to Nielsen Media Research.

With more than 230 different online bingo sites in the UK, the competition for players’ hearts and minds has become more intense and this trend is borne out by more than £7m spent during 2008.

Leading the spending in 2008 was Foxy Bingo with more than £2.25m spent on TV advertising. The second largest spend was on the new launch of Tombola during 2008, with a spend of £1.75m. Only these two sites spent more than £1m on TV advertising.

Two other sites spent more than £500k; Think Bingo spent more than £750k and Party Bingo spent in excess of £640k. In the £400k+ bracket were Crown Bingo (£427k) and Jackpot Joy (£414k), while the Daily Mail’s 2008 launch of Coffee Break Bingo was backed by a £330k TV campaign. One other bingo site (Littlewoods Bingo) spent more than £100k on TV advertising, spending £193k.

The full list of TV advertisers is completed by seven more online bingo sites which between them spent a further £300,000.

The exact spends according to Nielsen Media Research are as follows;

Foxy Bingo - £2,255,128
Tombola - £1,746,989
Think Bingo - £786,311
Party Bingo - £641,053
Crown Bingo - £427,275
Jackpot Joy - £414,217
Mail Online - £336,786
Littlewoods - £193,925
Bingos - £98,947
Bingo Scotland - £63,370
Love Bingo - £52,070
32 Red Bingo - £39,663
Bingo Palace - £37,435
ScotBingo - £8,390
Mikes Bingo - £4,725

Total £7,106,284



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