Affiliate Manager Crowned Affiliate Manager Crowned Number One for the Second Year Running

LONDON, ENGLAND, January 31, 2009

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Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates, home of the Best Affiliate Manager in the online casino industry for the second time running, as recognized at prestigious black tie event at London's The Brewery.

Best Casino Affiliate Manager 2009, Renee Mate praised for her unrivalled support and dedication to members and in-depth knowledge of the online gaming industry, becomes the first person to walk away with the esteemed award two years in a row.

The role of affiliate manager is an important and personal link between individual affiliates and online casino revenue, and ultimately the key to their earning potential.

Rewards Affiliates has positioned itself as a respected industry leader, offering affiliates an excellent commission structure, unique affiliate marketing tools, fast, reliable monthly payouts and a dedicated 24/7 support team. With content support for affiliates available in English, French and Spanish and eye-catching converting banners being created regularly and even on demand, the affiliate program at Rewards Affiliates continues to look extremely attractive for those aiming for long-term sources of side income.

Votes for the Casino Affiliate Program Awards are uninfluenced by outside sources, posted purely by CAP members and people in the industry, lending a clear and honest indication of the world leader in Casino Affiliate Programs, Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates. Michael Caselli, editor of CAP Magazine: "The Cap Awards won't be token gestures. We are very proud that these awards are driven by nominations from those working in the industry and therefore are a true reflection of the best in the business, the visionary thinking and the expertise and knowledge found out there."

Receiving awards for both Best Casino Affiliate Program and Best Affiliate Manager in 2008, and Best Casino Affiliate Manager in 2009, Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates continues to set the standard for the online gaming industry, creating an extremely competitive and profitable market for both casino operators and affiliates.

Casino Rewards/Rewards Affiliates

Established in 2000, Casino Rewards has positioned itself as a respected industry leader, operating 18 multilingual online casinos alongside an award winning affiliate program Rewards Affiliates. Each online casino features free play and sign up bonuses, over 300 video slots, table and card games and 24/7 multilingual support.

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