Sports and entertainment website reviews

Sports and entertainment website reviews


The sports and entertainment sector is indeed hot in the Internet space.

Sports and entertainment related websites rank as some of the most popular websites globally.

The only websites that come close to the popularity of sports and entertainment, are news media websites, which of course, also cover sports and entertainment news.

So, why this popularity of websites in this sector?

Folks just can't get enough of their favorite sports and entertainment fix via other forms of media, such as TV, radio broadcasts and newspapers. The internet provides the audience with the best of all forms of media - visual, multimedia (video and audio) and even interactive options, such as voting, message boards, SMS tie-ins, and so it goes on.

We're all very familiar with many of the world's most popular websites, and particularly in the sports and entertainment realm:


The Sydney Morning Herald




Entertainment Tonight

Internet Movie Database

Now, let's examine some websites that are really starting to make a big hit...

Coastal Watch

The Coastal Channel

Life Lounge


Extreme Fighting Championship


As you can see, the competition is hot in the sports and entertainment sector.

Whist many factors contribute to what makes a good, or great website; the following points are an excellent guide:

Usability - ease of use for the visitor

Functionality - what the website actually does

Aesthetics - what the website looks like

Interactivity - what levels of interactivity are possible between the user and other parties

Speed - the speed at which website pages load up

Clearly, the websites listed in this overview rank strongly in most categories.

The Internet business has reached a point now where a website has to be something quite spectacular to stand out from the bunch and the above websites really exhibit these attributes.

I for one will be keenly watching this space as the race for supremacy continues in the sports and entertainment field.



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