Interview - Sir Adam

I/V: Sir Adam, Broadcaster, Get In The Ring, Audio Wrestling -
16th June 2003

What's your background?

I started doing the show in 1991 on my high school radio station and its been in my blood ever since.

How did the website develop?

Our webmaster Brian Kelly is the brains behind the website. He is kind enough to allow GIR to be archived as part of the family. He does a fantastic job with our site and is a great guy.

How long has the website been on the air?

A few years.

What are your aims and objectives?

To put on an entertaining show that discusses the things fans are thinking when they're watching at home.

How many website visitors do you attract?

No idea.

What media coverage have you received in the past?

We have been featured in an article in New York Newsday and have received numerous mentions in the New York Daily News.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

We wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the fans and the wrestlers kind enough to participate.

What are the most popular aspects of the site?

The interviews.

What do you do when your not working on the website?

I play in a band and am an attorney.

What stories have you broken?

We were shocked to inform Chavo Guerreo of the WCW sale. We spoke with Brian Christopher first after his release a few years back and we were involved in the Billy Silverman hazing scandal.

What are the toughest challenges you face?

Finding new guests.

What motivates you?

Fans writing to me that they enjoy the show.

What else should our audience know about AudioWrestling?

We need sponsors!


Editors note: An awesome wrestling broadcast service.


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