Interview - Howard Baer

Interview: Howard Baer, Founder, : 18th August 2003

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In keeping with Media Man Australia's tradition of tackling any subject, we explore the world of politics.

Howard Baer is the Founder of I political portal of sorts.

We explore the political world, what makes Howard tick, freedom of the press and more.

What's your background?

High school grad (barely). Thrown out of high school and attended Cambridge
Academy, Cambridge, Mass for my senior year. Was VP student council, Treasurer of the Drama club, VP student newspaper and starred in the senior play. Got involved in the investment business at the age of 16 and have been in it ever since.

How, why and when did you get your interest, and subsequent break in politics and media?

Never did. Was always a writer including "Howard R. Baer's People, Places and Things", which was pulsated in a local city newspaper where I lived. Politics is not really what I do. I'm an Investment Banker by trade.

What are your aims and objectives?

To launch my new Nutraceutical company. To make money. To rebuild the Politics web site. To live life to the fullest.

What motivates you?

Any challenge whatsoever.

What media coverage have you received?

During the election of 2000, when all the new political websites were hot and heavy. I was called and asked by the NY Post how I intended to cover the election for I told them I had no intentions of trying to compete with CNN, AP, etc

How could an upstart website possibly hire enough people to cover the entire country?

Impossible. Well, was the leading political website at the time and everyone picked up on that news, most saying that I was the only honest and realistic person running any of the political sites. Everyone covered it. Even Paul Harvey did a segment on us. That was the moment of fame for We also won the 2000 Webby award for the best Political web site.

What effect has the current election in California had on you?

It has given me a few real good laughs.

What do you look for in a good writer?

Truth, entertainment, humor, honesty and controversy.

Where do your submissions come from?

Various places, but I'm not really happy with any of them.

Explain freedom of the press?

Tough one without looking like I have no idea where my head is. This will take you beyond the freedom of the press and to my thoughts on various things. I think freedom of the press should have some limitations, even if they are not written, but assumed. There should be no privileges if anyone, writer or citizen, has knowledge of certain criminal events that could help put a killer or menace to society in jail. There should be limitations to freedom when other people can be hurt by someone not talking.

I think any American burning the American flag should be jailed. I think other countries that we support with food, money and military protection that burn the American flag or allow their citizens to do so should be shut off automatically. These people go out and burn the flag, burn mock ups of our presidents, then go home and eat the food we put on their tables. Bullshit, that is wrong. All Americans work their asses off for their wages and should not have their tax dollars support the animals in some of these third world countries.

If someone wants to criticize our leaders, that is fine as long as it doesn't get personal and insulting. These things just make us look bad to other countries that thrive on believing the Americans are idiots. No question, some of us are, but not all of us. I don't believe in welfare unless person collecting is absolutely destitute or handicapped. Way too many people in this country could be working but choose to live off the rest of us. Put the capable ones to work cleaning up our highways and parks. Drug dealers thieves and murderers should be put in prison with bread and water, not TV's and air conditioning. Realistically, rapist's and child molesters should be castrated, wife beaters should be stoned, and murderers should be hung. (I can go on with this if you like)

How has the Internet helped you?

Makes everything easier to handle.

Who will win in California, and why?

Arnold. A Reagan remembrance vote. Also has incredible power behind him via the Kennedy's, etc. Plus he is very likable.

How hard do you work?

14 hours a day and weekends if need be.

The biggest compliment you have received?

Came from several women and you don't want to print it.

How are you perceived as by others?

Not sure. Never asked.

What do you to relax?

Ride my Harley. Hang around with my wife. This is my 4th, she is 16 years younger that me and she is fun to be around. Otherwise, I love to work in my yard, which is 2 1/2 acres of very lush landscaping. Was referred to by Fox news as the Maui of Arizona.

What other important information should our readers know about you and

The site is in very bad shape right now due to some past financial and management problems. We will be working to rebuild it over the next several months.


Editors note: An interesting, straight up, in your face interview. We look forward to stayin in touch and contributing to the good work of Howard and his team.


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