Interview - Drew Becker

Interview: Drew Becker, Entrepreneur$ contestant and founder of Convey Ink: 7th December 2004

Media Man Australia continues on it's quest to interview many of the world's top entrepreneurs and reality TV entities.

When did you realise that you were an entrepreneur?

Later in life. After a career as an English teacher, I emigrated to the corporate world where I spent some 15 years doing technical and marketing writing. I made a comfortable living until the high-tech bubble burst. After 2001, seeing the writing on the wall, I founded my own company, Convey Ink.

Describe you brand, and what you represent?

I am a Renaissance thinker dedicated to creatively facing the deeper issues in the contemporary world. I work to contribute to world citizenry through right actions.

Convey Ink is my vehicle to help businesses create and get their message out to the rest of the world. I learned the importance of branding after I went through the Personal Branding DNA <SUP><FONT SIZE="-1">HTML</FONT></SUP> experience, which was so profound that I became a certified facilitator. Now I help others align image to their identity to be distinctive, notable and authentic.

How did you make the acquaintance of Bob Winstead's 'Entrepreneur$'?

I had tried out for Entrepreneur$ on a lark with a friend of mine, Sheyenne Kreamer. A few days after the auditions, she got confirmation she had made it; but I didn't. I emailed Bob to thank him for the opportunity and said I regretted I had not made the cut. He replied within an hour and explained I was not eliminated but rather my notification had slipped through the cracks. He told me to call him directly if I had not heard by early the next morning. I was astounded to get such personal attention when 2500 people had applied. I knew this was an extraordinary fellow and that this journey would be fantastic!

What gives you the edge?

Writing and completing projects in software companies.
Perceiving from the customer's point of view.
Personal branding experience about how companies present and sell services successfully.
Finally, selling in an authentic way and working in diverse groups.

What is most exciting about being on the show?

That would be a three-way tie: Being able to help charities, making a myriad of new friends and stretching myself personally and professionally.

One of the important goals of Entrepreneur$ the Reality Show is the commitment to raise $250 million for charities. With so many people tightening their belts, we need to remember we are world citizens and have an obligation to help those less fortunate all over the world.

The high calibre people I have met beginning with Bob Winstead and Omar McCallop and extending to fellow contestants and crew is astounding. I look forward to long relationships with some of them for years to come.

I marvel every morning at how much I learned yesterday. I am so much more comfortable in front of cameras and am able to articulate with increasing fluidity. I also find myself interacting in ever more authentic ways with everyone I meet. I speak to anyone at the drop of a hat, sharing my story, my dreams and info about the show.

What is your typical day?

I start at sunrise with contemplation, a poem and exercise, then head to my computer to begin email. Some kind of writing follows before I grab a bagel and tea. I work for a few hours with branding and marketing clients. By noon I turn my attention to the current challenge for the show and later in the afternoon get back to branding and writing. As evening rolls around there is usually a team meeting, filming or an event for all contestants. Somewhere in the day I may get an hour or two with my wife and our birds.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare what??. I'm either working with my wife on her children's book, Grandfather Poplar, to be published in 2005 or, on occasion, watching TV shows she has Tivo'd for us to catch up when I have a moment. I also watch a few reality shows (on my own) especially The Apprentice.

Growing up, did you ever think you may be "been different" to "the norm"?

I always feared I was different and tried to hide it-as if I could. Not being part of the in-group haunted me from early childhood. Then, miraculously, I had a geometry (not my best subject) teacher who appreciated my unusual approach to solving proofs. He told the class there was the right answer, the wrong answer and the DB (Drew Becker) method. I embraced my differences from that time forward and stopped worrying so much about that norm.

Describe the power of positive thinking?

In a recent interview, I told a reporter, "Dream big; you'll be surprised at what doors that might open." By continually stimulating my positive attitude, I visualize what I want and deserve. Since self perception sets the stage for how I see the world, a positive outlook attracts the people, resources and opportunities I seek. My wife works in the healing arts and has taught me how critical my mindset is for my health and for manifesting my desires.

What were the last 3 books you read?

I just finished reading The Field by Lynn McTaggart, Sex for the Soul by Edie Raether and Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell. The first deals with the intersection of science and metaphysics, Sex for the Soul is a delightful tromp through the sensual and the sacred and the third examines the archetypal aspects of the hero. I miss reading fiction, especially Douglass Adams and Carlos Fuentes.

What is the best idea you've had?

To live every day with intent to birth something new.

Describe the importance of team work?

Groups provide strength in numbers. Shared responsibilities and rewards enable a cohesive group to accomplish amazing results. Teamwork works best when the strengths of each member are maximized and learning from each other is the cherished goal.

Who are your mentors, and why?

My parents were not entrepreneurial but taught me to live by a strong code of ethics. Tim Johnson, a long-time friend, was key in guiding me to remain authentic and face my fears. More recently Genece Hamby, founder of Personal Branding DNA guided me to clarify my brand so that it's anchored to my personal values and vision.

What do you look for in a potential business associate?

Honesty, authenticity, dedication to purpose and a good sense of humor to ride out the rough.

Who are some of your best clients, and why?

People who understand the importance of integrity. A strong sense of honor fosters deep connections. We value each other's services and products and often form alliances and friendships that go beyond our initial relationship.

Why is life balance important i.e.: business and pleasure?

What's the point of success, fame or fortune if you don't enjoy it? Remember, money is also called currency. Currency means motion; so the stuff has to flow. Treating others to meals and giving an occasional gift shows I appreciate them. The ebb and flow of resources is my key to a balanced life.

How does meditation work for you?

At sunrise writing a meditative poem and a short yoga regimen start my day. By taking this time to commune with my unconscious and with the quiet behind it, I energize for the day, connect to what is important and open up to learn throughout the day. The poem I write each morning surprises me by evening because somewhere in the words was a prediction of something that has happened that day. The meditative state helps me maintain health and live in a creative relationship with people, nature and the world around me.

How does one turn dreams into reality?

A ship's captain can't chart the journey without a destination. Learning who we are meant to become reveals a futuristic picture of ourselves. We profit by seeing ourselves in this future having achieved our goals. Effective planning begins at the end and works backward to set tasks and their order.

To make use of our dreams, we need to blend them into the fabric of our lives. This transformation enables us to set a clear destination and course and pursue those dreams based on our authentic values. Once this vision is clear, we're ready to articulate and operate consistently, to set sail on our great adventure.

What remains to be done is to work hard every day on the dream until it manifests as we see it. Whatever tools and dedication are needed we can muster once we know and can express where we're going. This last step of manifesting the dream is labor intensive and takes significant effort and a number of people to support our cause.

What inspires and motivates you?

Creative endeavors and being authentic in the now. If I can help others to live creatively or involve myself in a creative activity, I lose track of time. By fueling this vital resource, I maintain youth in my mind which translates into slower aging. I strive to live a long, inspired and inspiring life.

What are the biggest challenges you have overcome?

My challenges begin and end with me. I allowed life in the corporate world to create co-dependence and dangerous comfort. Once I drew on the strength of my self-reliance, the support I needed blossomed around me. I overcame my fears of accounting and bringing in enough business. Once I took the risk, the blinders disappeared.

How do you set your goals?

Near my birthday I write them out for the coming year. Before setting new goals however, I remind myself of my core values and promises to deliver. My goals must be SMART-Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic and Time-bound. I examine my previous goals and see what I've learned. After building new goals, I share them so that I am accountable and I set quarterly review dates to determine progress.

To you, what is success?

Success is creating the life I envision: Time to commune with friends and family and to reflect on the quality of my life. This life is filled with daily creation, reverence and dedication to a spiritual perspective, random acts of kindness, giving a piece of what I receive, enjoying my emotions, showing others how much I care, being recognized and rewarded, appreciating friends and always finding time for love for my wife and family.

What projects are you currently focused on?

· The Entrepreneur$ including writing my Blog
· Releasing my book Morning Meditations
· Working with my personal branding clients and building my business

Should the opportunity present, what would you do in Australia?

I would love to sit on the beach for a while. I admire the Australian travelers I've met; they've been upbeat and joyful. I'd love to get to know more of you folks. I have a dream to meet and sit down with elders of an Aboriginal tribe. I would also love to travel throughout the country and see the variety of scenery and cultures.

What else should we know about you?

I hope people will read my blog so that they can get a feel for what being a contestant on Entrepreneur$ is like. My entries can be found at I encourage your readers to email me at and ask other questions or strike up a relationship.

Greg, thanks for the chance to address your readers.


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