Interview - Peter Boykin

Interview: Peter Boykin, Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur$ contestant: 25th November 2004

Media Man Australia continues on it's quest to interview many of the world's top entrepreneurs and reality TV entities. In this amazing interview we achieve both, with a young lad that the world will be hearing a lot more about...thanks in part to Media Man Australia.

Peter...give me the drum? ....Why are you newsworthy and one of the hottest commodities your region has ever seen?

Well basically reality is in, I am a contestant that is like Donald Trump's Apprentice but with a southern charming twist we have a purpose. During the course of the show we will be doing alot of charity work and we are starting a website that has at least a 250 million dollar charity campaign all thanks to you will hear my name even more in the future as this show goes public.

What motivates you and makes you tick?

Well it could be the little winder in my back... actually what motivates me is that my dad works as hard as I do my mom cannot work and right now they are struggling to make it day to day like myself. I know that they are only getting older and my dad's health is not as good as it should be so what motivates me is that I have to at some point be able to take care of them. Also I have a strong desire to have what I want out of life and to give to others that have helped me and who are less fortunate.

What brought you to the dance?

I knew that selling, and entrepreneueralship was in my blood and always in my family's. I see this contest is a way to prove myself and make a name for myself as well.

Why are business and personal relationships so important?

Well to me the point of life is all one big board room or dance, we have to get to know who the right people are to see and become involved with. But, most important without business and personal relationships there is not much more to life than yourself and we all spend too much time getting on our own selves nerves.

What have been the highlights of your life?

Well their are the yellows, the pinks... wait a min highlights not highlighters... Well they would have to be most important the moment I became involved in this show, and then others like high school and college graduation among others.

What main challenges have you overcome?

I have went from not having much of anything to having at least some of the basics to have in order to live. Most of all I went from having somethings to a bit more and then lost it all then I am now trying to get a stable life up again, I've had a roller coaster life.

Who have been your biggest supporters?

So far my parents, by friends, and Steve and John my Scottish friends.

Who are your mentors?

Bob Winstead creator of the whole thing and Steve one of the best entrepreneurs I know.

What are you passionate about?

Trying to make something of myself in life to be recognized for something I have or will do in the future to make the world better.

What are you like on the golf course?

Haaa haaa I played my first round a week ago in Durham (NC USA) that is, and that was with Bob Winstead from EntrepreneurS, Henry Lister from, Josh from, and Steve and John from

What do you excel at?

Looks like so far entrepreneurship and media, I am also really good at building webpages.

What magazines and newspapers do you read?

When I have time I just read the local paper or a pick up a magazine here and there if I see a article that strikes me.

What media coverage have you received to date, and what was it for?

Just a few old media stories, and such I am working on my 3rd hour of fame, so far for this contest I have been constantly on camera.

How did you make contact with 'Entrepreneur$' - The Reality Show?

Thru a website of a radio station I liked at they have a insider signup which I did I got a email from them with lots of events one was Entrepreneurs and the rest is now history in the making..

What are your current projects?

Working on finding a higher paying job and trying to catch some bills up working two jobs and being a struggling college student and doing the Entrepreneur$ show is alot of me.

I hear your legend has spread "down under" to Australia, and even into the lucrative and exciting did that come about?

Lots and lots of the right contacts and self promotion.

What's your motto?

Live one day at a time because you never know what might come out of something with just a little luck and skill.

What's the most important thing in the world to you?

My family and friends.

What do you do to relax?

Sleep :) with a schedule like mine work is my relaxation.

What else should our worldwide audience and readership know about you?

I have a website that I want people to go to and help aid me with my Peter Boykin Fighting Fund to help me with some of the expenses I have had so far with the show. Please go to I am looking for help with my later rounds in the show and I am looking for personal sponsors as well. Thanks.


Editors note: There you have it. A young, hungry entrepreneur, on his way up. Stay tuned to 'Entrepreneurs' and Media Man Australia for updates.


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