Interview - Brokenman

Interview: Brokenman aka "Jordan", Creator, Anti War Campaigner, Musician, Webmaster... 27th April 2004

In anticipation of one of our biggest scoop interviews to date, we speculate and investigate BROKENMAN!

Media Man Australia adds their own clues to the enigma that is BROKENMAN


Chalk markings found on footpaths in the Balmain, Newtown and Sydney CBD

"Crime scenes" complete with police tape

A mysterious connection with music

Rumour of an appearance at The Metro Theatre on the 1st April 2004

Rumours of a connection with Sydney's Studios 301

A connection with DVD Network - music videos, surfing, expose on crime in Sydney?

Could Brokenman be a new kind of promoter?

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Brokenman - Media Man Australia - The Interview

Tell our media and entertainment savvy audience about your trade?

If you're refering to the music business. You've gotta be in it for the long hall or don't bother man. I mean this business can truely make you feel like you're breaking your neck to starve to death haha. I'ts true. It can feel like a money trench at times and yeh it's place where the thieves and pimps run free, but hey there's also a negative side. haha. The more times the machine drains you, the more times you've gotta keep bouncin' back. As long as you keep the same dreams that you started out with inside your heart, you'll keep creative.

What is, or who is, Brokenman?

The name came from a song I wrote called 'Something Unbelievable'. I thought the lyric ' pushing buttons on a brokenman' gave the notion of what was happening here. It hinted the attitude of the album and that was it, he was born. A guy that would take his message further than the record stores. Right now though, it's only just the beginning. It's gonna be a long ride but that's the kinda road this is. "I'm here for good".

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

Well, my imagination I guess I got from my father haha. Most of my ideas have come from late nights sitting around tryin' to dream my music into peoples lives. What I mean is, tryin' work around the norm and the ego's and slip in the back door . You see there's the 'right way' and there's the 'wrong way' and then there's 'my way'.

Do you consider yourself a marketeer or promoter?

I think we all have to be at some stage. You're on your own in this business. I think we're all left with the cold reality that this country's mainstream radio stations don't give independent music the support that it needs and hasn't really since the sixties. It's the support that this country needs to break down the 1 hit wonder machine and start producing some real bands that actually exceed three or four records. A kid can't go down to the radio station and excite them with a great song anymore. Cause some machines been programmed to play half of Americas R/B crap and it works both ways cause the dj who use to work there's out on the street looking for a job........It's in our hands.

What were the circumstance that led you to decide to not become a corporate puppet?

Knock backs haha. There's a limit. A person can only be taken so far, then they have the choice, wether to call it a day, give up and remain 'broken' or bounce back in an even greater, stronger, positive way. Personally I've reached that part of my life. I made this choice in December of 2002 when the site ( went live. "Screw the critic". And if they're reading this, "I won't be getting off the bus till I'm where I wanna be". We can't be ignorant. It's everywhere we go, it happens every day. Man, I want front row seats when the system crumbles!!!

Is everyone selling something?

I think we all do what we can to be somebody. To be ourselves. My general understanding of people is that 'everybody sinks or swims together'. But it's our intentions that seperate us. That's why in most countries it's the poititions that are the rock stars and the rock stars are the ones talkin' politics haha.

Why is being unique such an advantage?

It's all about finding out what makes you unique. For example the unique thing the corner store has over the giant department store is that it can develop personal relationships. Small companies can be virtuous where large organisations can't. And that's a great advantage and at no cost. I've found that when you find something quite easy to achieve, it's probably been done before, probably many times. It's only when it seems so hard that it feels nearly impossible that I'm perhaps close to getting something unique and something unique is extraordinary. Man the cops were right this time, "It all comes down to fingerprints".

What investigations have been made into the Brokenman "crime scenes"?

Every one from the federal police to (believe it or not) the American military. The list goes on. You see I was constructing the brokenman "crimescenes" right around the time of the war in Iraq. They didn't have a clue to who or what was behind them and at the time the city was on red alert concerning terrorist activity. One end of Castlereagh St was closed for 2hrs one morning as one of the crimescenes puzzled the city police haha.

What brand of chalk do you recommend to mark footpaths?

I go for the $2 buckets at the bargain stores. But hey, if there's any chalk companies who wanna sponsor a singer songwriter? Give me a call sometime.

Why is free thought a powerful weapon against all that is negative in the world?

Any existence deprived of free thought is a kind of death. I think some people fear it because they're afraid of the unknown. But it's ironic....That unknown was once very well known. It's where our souls belong....The only solution is to confront yourself with the greatest fear imaginable. Expose yourself to your deepest fear. After that, fear has no power, it shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Would you like to exposure any government corruption in this interview or perhaps just give us a few clues?

Haha. Where do you begin to answer a question like this? The governments are plagued with corruption. I've got plenty of stories that would open some eyes. Banks, cops, councils, pimps. They were all at that BBQ on the weekend haha.

What is the main message in your music?

Well the brokenman mock crimescenes symbolise that to be ignorant and complaisant about the many crimes against society by "the system" is a crime itself. The songs contain a social conciousness that hints the notion that 'we all know' yet tolerate the social injustices that surround our lives. But as a whole. My message is a vision of hope for a future where we all take a stand and find our voice for the things we hold most important to us.

What other media attention have you garnered?

Pretty much all the Sydney papers, alot of magazines. Never thought, being a kid from Dulwich Hill, I'd end up on page 3 of the Sydney Morning Herald along side George.W.Bush either. But it happened.

What's the biggest misconception about you?

You know, people will think anything man haha. I've been called an anti war campaigner, graffiti artist, vandal, conspiracy theorist, religious Zealot an advertiser. Everything from the devil to the next massiah haha. Truth is I'm all those things haha. What people don't realise is that I'm an educated musician that believes in the power of music. I'm not asking anyone to believe in anything but themselves.

Who have been your career and life mentors and why?

Musically over the years I've naturally drawn from songwriters that have had similar upbringing to myself. Springsteen, Bowie, Dylan. Growin' up, these guys were my reality check.

Who have been your main supporters?

I think the guys who have been following the site from the start, ya know, the loyalists haha. They're the guys I've really gotta thank.

Would you ever consider starting an "army" of "Brokenmen", or do you already have one?

Haha, that's not a bad idea! They'd be alot of chalk on the streets man. I can see it now...."Come and visit Sydney, The white city". haha.

What's the drum with April 1st of this year?

Just to back up the attitude and prove I could equal any international production, I thought I'd play a 2hr set with my own band in the main auditorium of the Metro Theatre Sydney. The crowd was great, the songs connected, the energy was larger than life.

What else would you like to tell "Big Brother"?

If you're driving past a record store sometime soon, pull over, double park if you have to, walk straight in to the store and demand a copy of my debut album, 'Diary Of A Broken Man'. OUT NOW!!


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