Interview - Brad Carroll

Interview: Brad Carrol, Director, Standing Eight: 1st September 2003

Yvette Moore at Standing Eight

Media Man Australia continues to interview sports figures who make a positive difference.

On this occasion, we interview the director of Standing Eight, Brad Carrol, who we recently purchased a wetsuit from.

Greg's daughter, Michelle, said "the wetsuit is cool". Ok, we know what you mean Michelle. The Rip Curl website kept Michelle warm, and it is fashionable also, and great value for money.

In this interview, Brad discusses surfing, skateboarding, the shop and more.

What is the name and location of the store?

Standing Eight surf skate sounds street. 155 Dolphin St Coogee 9315 7808.

How long have you been operating?

Just over 18 months.

What are the products in the store?

Clothing, wetsuits, skateboards, skate accessories, alternative CD's, custom surfboards, surf accessories, DVDs and videos. But if we don't have it we will get it for you. (Media Man experienced this).

What is the main concept of Standing Eight?

To provide a store that has a real local feel with the latest fashions in the surf skate street culture. We find that our customers aren't after your traditional surf clothing. We pride ourselves on stocking cutting edge gear. We like the labels that lead the industry not the followers.

So what Brands do you stock?

Volcom, MCD, Juice, Cult, One teaspoon, Mermaid Sister, Elwood, Zero, Red Dragon Squad, Dickies, Element, Deeds clothing, After The Girl, Kitten, Fox racing, Sponsored and many more.

So what should a person expect when they come in to Standing Eight?

First and foremost they will feel welcomed and comfortable to check the shop out. They can have a bit of fun trying different items on or just hang out and have a chat about surfing, skating, music or what ever. We want people to treat Standing Eight as a local hub to get to know each other.

How do you support local athletes?

We sponsor local surfers and skaters. Good skaters are pretty hard on there equipment, so we give our team riders a special price structure so they can afford to ride the best equipment in there pursuit to improve there talents. We also helped local surfer Nicola Atherton with a Creatures of Leisure product deal. She just came third in the state titles which advances her to the Australian titles.

Where did the name "Standing Eight" come from?

Its taken from the boxing rule Standing Eight Count, where a boxer is given a count of eight to decide if he wants to continue.

Surfing, skating and many other board sports have moments like this when you have to look inside yourself and decide if you are willing to put your fear aside and commit yourself 100%. It may be trying to ollie a huge set of stairs or just paddling out in the biggest surf of your life. Standing Eight believes that you must always push yourself to break through your limits.


Editors note: These guys rock. For top gear and the right price, and great service, you can't go past them.

Michelle Tingle says the wetsuit is cool (Michelle Tingle's 2nd media appearance)


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