Interview - Tim Cullen

Interview: Tim Cullen, Citizen (abducted by Aliens): 29th June 2004

What makes you think you were abducted?

The piece of metal that was removed from my body that is almost identical to 3 others (9 patients total) that Dr.Leir has found in people, who have UFO and/or abduction memories.

How is the metallic object unusual?

As Dr.Lier states in his book "Aliens and the Scalpel" that the metallic objects are amorphic and magnetic, a state not found in nature and mankind can't duplicate.(The military can make amorphic but it isn't magnetic also.)The isotopic ratios of the elements have no Earthly source.

What about the "aliens"?

Who, what, why and where. With the information/disinformation,I won't comment except to say their here.

Why has goverment been in denial as to this?

Again,I can't say for sure as this was a situation that existed before I was born. WWII ending, communistic/capitalistic paranoria's, societial fear's...probably all of the above and others;religion,ect.

Is there a goverment "cover-up"?

Sure there is,my elected congressional representation won't even talk to me as to my disclosure of my
idenity as to surgery of this nature and it's implications.I have approached Rep.Marilyn Musgrave's
aides and did get some "help" as to my claim to Social Security as to having a disability(chronic fatigue due to perhaps "alien implant removal" as in my file listed as an "unknown" along with the statement on the application "using false or misleading information indetermining a right to SSI benefits is a crime
punishable under federal law",I was denied as to finanical reasons,but not as to my medical claims.
They were not "looked at"as they turned me down as to "work" but how could I make a claim if I didn't have a medical cause?

With Sen,Wayne Allard,I gave him the local paper, The Yuma Pioneer in March 2000 that headlined Local Man Tells of Close Encounter/Implant, shortly after my Feb.5,2000 surgery.

Finally in Aug.2003, aftercontacting his aides, Mike Bennett and Greg Brophy with viedo copy of 2 TLC programs I was segemented on (TheAliens Have Landed & The Secret World of Alien Abduction) along with a copy of UFO Mag.U.K. June 2000 issue article on my operation and subsequent studies
of the object removed from my left arm/wrist area, the senator and I did discuss research on the membrane that was around my and all the metallic implants. His answer to me after I had asked about his knowldge as to membrane research was "well,we have and we haven't we.....sent it to an agency that handles that sort of thingand....we haven't heard back from them."I had a private talk with the senator right after this town meeting as to contact and information, but nothing.Heck,I deserve to know if the membrane around the object removed from my body has my DNA and other "facts"that need goverment funds to aquire;i.e.cancer causing??Another great concern is organ transplants as the membrane has shown anti-rejection properties within the human body and cannot be cut with a scalpel when in a "red" or blood infused state. With mine, the membrane and core were placed in sterile water and the
membrane became soft and was cut with a scalpel. My implant was also "looked at" with an Atomic Force Microscope,one of the first things viewed by this instrument,and studied in several labratories, some govermential so I feel that I am entitled to whatever information exists.

I think that the membrane research is something that could be adapted as it contains only 3 parts,hemosatrin, kertain and a protien collagum. My "rights" as to goverment secrets?

There is a question as to a MAJIC 12 committee and to a directive that staes that "a person's
(abductee/contactee)constitutional and civil rights must be ignored as to keep the extraterrestrial/UFO
matter secret.Need I say more as I am inclined to believe this to be true,why shouldn't I??

The high moral ground,now in the news with the Iraq POWs and the U.S.'s integrity, can only be resolved
when I am truthfully addressed to my predicament by the freely elected factions of the goverment of the
U.S.and/or it's allies along with acknowledgement as to this from the U.N.


Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine,it is stranger than we can imagine.


Interview - 2nd June 2004




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