Interview - Gerry Gaule

Interview: Gerry Gaule, Radio Legend: 4th July 2004

Media Man Australia covers many media and entertainment matters in the course of its business, and even the odd bit of professional wrestling history and news.

In this unique interview with Gerry Gaule aka "Daddy G", we get it all, as Gerry discusses everything from his break in radio, entry into pro wrestling via Portland Wrestling, and his current program.

What's your background?

I was born in Ridgefield Washington..population of 1000 (birthplace of u-haul)..I started in Radio in 1976 at the age of 13..

How did you get your break?

I was at a local county fair near Vancouver Washington..I hung around station KGAR am 1550 in 1976..I bugged them to help them out at the fair.

What do you consider to be some of the highlights of your career?

Meeting so many wonderful rock and roll ledgends..from The Temptations to Paul Revere and working with and learning from The Top 40 era of Radio. I will be doing and interview with The beach Boys in September...I was a fan of them since the age of dad bought me my first record..which was The Beach Boys..My fantasy was to be a drummer for them...I was 6 then..

What motivates you?

Trying to produce a great show or listening to some music that would create great moods or hear a song on the radio and remember where I was when I first heard the song...and plus my wife and daughter..they are my biggest supporters and hearing from former top 40 DJ'S...I even got a call from Casey Kasem at my home....I find ways to get interviews and find the source to do it...or they call joke...

Why has pro wrestling been so popular on TV, and even radio, over the years?

I think people love to see action and in their own way get involved without leaving the home..I worked with a guy Art Anderson at KLOG Radio in Longivew Washington..he covered Wrestling in the 50's on Radio. My dad loved Portland Wrestling..I watched it live and in B&W...from 8:30-10:00 pm Saturday nights..My Niece is trying to get in the Biz...she wants me as her manager...she wants to go to Texas..but I told her stay in Portland...

What was the best thing about Portland Wrestling?

So many giants came from there and the tradition goes on...and people are devoted and that era and still today Portland..I think is a hot spot in that sport. Many firsts..thanks to Don...

Describe the promoting style of Don Owens?

He had guts and real talent for promotion..kind it reminded me of a walking billboard and you knew it was going to be a good match and get your money's worth that night..he would not let you down.

What's a few funny stories from the road?

I was flashed at a concert I was an emcee at she ran up on stage and she was tall and knocked me down,the guards had to get her..I am not good looking..I had a few encounters with radio groupies...real radio fanatics...or broadcasting on a major street next to KLOG...and stopping cars and interview them...doing practical jokes to the other jocks...did a whole radio show in the kidding..I was stupid and young..doing a overnight shift at a country station...a mouse scared was on the desk..and I said a few sware words during the live was midnight..

Did any Australian's ever pass thru your territory?

I think the Royal Kangaroos when the came through Longview and we would do interviews with wrestlers that came through...all real nice.

What's your motto?

"I would not know where I would be today if I was not nosy"

What is the best wrestling documentary you have ever seen?

The unofficial history on wrestling...narrated by the late steve allen (comic) though it did not cover Portland or the NW..

How does the internet assist you?

It is a big help..I dig until I find what I need and if it does not exsist I dig harder or work harder on doing a site and do my best.. I did this site beacuse there was no info or a complete site on that I did it...I said why not...

What media coverage have you received over the years?

Some newsapaper coverage and a bit of tv...some radio magazines..I would like people to dig my show and like it..and take them down memory is real different than other shows...some rare stuff...I dare that others do not dare..Like my specials...the best one is The Beach Boys...and I like the NW Rock...because no one else did it...I started the show in 1997..when we lived in Loveland Colorado..

What is the best advise you aver received?

Be yourself.

What keeps you busy these days?

My radio show and so many projects..

What do you do to relax?

Be with my family...

Gerry says

No problem...I would like to hear from your readers and I encourage them to write me via my e mail..I am planning to come out with a book...I just need help someone help me write it and put into words...

or listen on my show

Thanks problem...I have always wanted to visit your beautiful country..I would like to take my family there..I hear the people are friendly...I have wanted to surf I am 40 and out of shape..I got a million stories..that I hope I would not bore you..I would like to see a copy of the interview for kicks..thanks you made my day..take care...really


Gerald Gaule
Daddy G Radio
30439 1/2 Fairview Road,
Lebanon Oregon,97355-9000 USA...they can write me there too..


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