TV stations lack of Internet vision

TV stations lack of Internet vision, by Greg Tingle - 30th July 2003

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One may argue that TV station's don't want to share the vision of "traditional" Internet broadcasters.

As TV stations, they are in a unique and privileged position.

The new breed of Internet Broadcasters, such as Media Man Australia ( ), Banana TV ( ) and ( ) are a dime a dozen these days. It's no wonder, with the small amount of start-up capital required.

The Internet is an empowering technology that advances the functionality of broadcast networks such as television, radio, cable and satellite.

With numerous examples of Internet Television ventures gone south, such as SCAPE (Network 10 Australia), Rush TV (off-shoot of Channel 7 Australia) and K-Grind, television stations may be wise to stay clear of this dangerous territory.

Having said that, Australian's Channel 7 is getting brave, with Seven Digital possibly bracing itself to launch H'it'! - a youth, edgy, creative reality TV program, the brainchild of Brett Clements.

For top tier "players" like Microsoft and Telstra Corporation, who wish to develop these technologies, the risk of failure is obviously far less, than their counterparts. Microsoft are "in bed" with Ultimate TV, and Telstra has been supporting The Basement, with the FOXTEL tie in, so Internet TV is not "dead" yet.

It's relatively easy, and cheap, to start Internet broadcasting, but television production and broadcasting is a very different animal indeed.

Websites based on successful television programs like Fashion Television ( ) or The Basement ( ) are a big hit, and are amongst the most visited television related websites globally. It is important to remember that the website addresses are heavily advertised on subscription television programs, that pop the numbers up, that otherwise would likely be unattainable only by Internet-only presence and promotion.

Today, there are thousands of webcast stations on the Internet, rebroadcasting radio and TV signals.

Developing at an alarming pace are the Internet-only stations that are broadcasting around the globe. These "Internet stations" have no transmitter, tower or license - all they need is equipment to broadcast in a new configuration.

Australia's Banana TV's CEO, James Vernon, believes that Internet TV is the way of the future, and James says that coming from a background in TV and movie production. James specializes in versions of popular reality TV shows, adding in a satirical approach. Sounds like a winner.

Internet stations provide both unique content and information, and rebroadcasts of existing audio or video programs.

There are more than 500 Internet only channels serving-up audio 24 hours a day.

A common response by traditional radio and TV management, when questioned about broadcasting TV on the Internet, is that these Internet-only broadcasters are reaching a small audience.

Granted, the Internet does have its limitations concerning how many people can listen to audio or see video in a quality manner. However, this is changing.

Media Man Australia, having recently interviewed respected Internet broadcasting authorities such as Doug Mulray (The Basement), Derrick Wilding (Communications Law Centre), Lee Tien (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and James Vernon (Banana TV), believes the murky water involving Internet broadcasting laws, intellectual property law and other broadcasting laws, may be what is holding up the industry.

Just a few short months ago, Australia's public broadcaster, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation gave the chop to its digital television programs, FLY TV and ABC Kids. Even so, the ABC's award winning website ( ) remains one of the most popular in Australia ( Redsheriff ). There's no question that NineMSN ( ) and Fairfax ( ) are committed to their own Internet broadcasting plans.

For those broadcasters willing to take the plunge into Internet Broadcasting, the potential is huge.

Just how Australia's telecommunications industry "watchdog", the Australian Broadcasting Authority deals with coming changes in the Internet broadcasting "space" remains to be seen.

It is a given that a great many new media companies and programs will fall over, others will evolve and an elite select few will be heralded as the leaders. It is a compelling journey, both dangerous and full of opportunity as broadcasters decide whether their revenues are to go south…or rise above the sky's limit.

Who will media moguls such as Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer, back next? It could just be me, or you!

*Greg Tingle is the author of this article, and the founder and broadcaster of Media Man Australia
( ).

Greg's background is in the sales and marketing of subscription television and ITV (Optus Interactive Television).

MMA currently broadcasts audio and plans to broadcast video later this year. When not Internet broadcasting, Greg is often found TV presenting for Sydney's Community Television, Channel 31.

Media Man Australia is offering a Television Station and License for Sale. Channel 58 New Zealand could potentially be a "backdoor" into the Australian market, by utilising satilite footprints and such. A draft programming plan has been drafted: "The Down Under Channel".

*Note: Gary Young is the owner of Channel 58 New Zealand, and interviews with Mr Young can be organised on appoitment.

Audio interviews with Derrick Wilding, Doug Mulray, Lee Tien, Brett Clements, James Vernon and others are available at


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