Interview - Jay Kamhi

Interview: Jay Kamhi, Creator & CEO, Kamhi World & TOTAL RECALL:
14th October 2

What's your background?

I design toys, novelties, fad products and distribute them to the mass retail market

How did the card deal come to pass?

I had made a previous deck called US Military Heroes Playing Cards which did spectacular. The recall seemed a natural for this type of deck since there were so many candidates and nobody had a clue about most of them. I looked at it as a public service to educate people on the different candidates, while at the same time providing a visual editorial on the ineffectiveness of Davis, ie. the terminated stamp on the forehead and the Arnold/Davis face-off on the display box.

Were do you get your ideas from?

Mostly from current events and my weird imagination. Sometimes there will be a product on the market created by someone else that is just not cutting it, and in those cases I partner up with the creator, re-work the product so that it is effective, and the result is another "new" product.

Who are your mentors?

Joeseph E. Cossman, who made the Spud Gun famous back in the 1970s. This gun used potatoes as "bullets" and kids loved to play with it. Mother's across the USA were scolding there kids: "Don't shoot your food!" This guy created and marketed lots of products that were major successes. Another guy I admire is Paul Hartunian who basically wrote the book on how to get media coverage. He's famous for buying the wooden pedestrian walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge that was being discarded by the city because it was rotting. He bought it for $500 and cut it up in little pieces, framed it, and sold pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge to millions of people. In the USA there is a saying: "If you believe that, then I'll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge" meaning the person is gullible. So this guy actually did sell the bridge and was on the Johnny Carson show and every other media outlet.

What media coverage have you garnered?

For the cards I've gotten Jay Leno, CNN, USA Today, and dozens of other radio, TV and newspaper articles too numerous to list. I even get calls from the German and Austrian media since Arnold was our ace.

How has the internet helped you?

People can SEE the cards immediately because of the net. It allows FAST communication worldwide that other wise might take weeks. Projects get completed much faster and fortunes can be made.)

What are your current projects?

I've got a series of talking dolls that are very funny. We've gotten some great international interest on them and I'm sure they'll be in Australia soon. I'm also working on more card decks for some special events. (One closing note: I really like partnering up with people who have good ideas. If any of your readers have ideas for visual or talking products, I'd like to hear from them.


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California TOTAL RECALL official website


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Editors note: The cards need to be seen, let alone played, to be believed. Having interviewed many of the "polies" for the CA election, the cards have special meaning. A true collectors item, and they are great to have a beer with also!