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Interview: Tyson Pedro, Mixed Martial Artist (UFC) - 10th May 2017


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When and how did you great your break in the MMA world?

In 2013 I had my first MMA pro fight in Queensland against Charlie Ngaheu and it was a first round knockout…think it was like within the first minute . So then on I knew I was good at something…lol

Do we understand correctly that when you were a youngster you got into a few scuffles, and then you discovered you have a talent for giving and taking punches?

I grew up around Mix Martial Arts, My Dad was always involved in all areas, so me and my other siblings would always play in the back yard wrestling and sparring since we were kids, so I guess its just natural and fun for me. I guess Its like kids kicking a footy ball in the backyard...

When did you get signed by the UFC, and what was the key to getting signed up by the world's leading MMA company?

It was just last November 2016 I had debuted into UFC, I manage to get on the card in Melbourne as they were looking for a spot to fill then I had my brother n law, Tai Tuivasa who is also signed with UFC and he had his manager, Zen Ginnen get me on. Now he’s also my manager which was amazing since I hadn’t had many pro fights but my last few fights were quick finishes against the best in the local pro division.

What's your current professional fight record? a. As a MMA fighter? b. As a boxer?

a. 6-0 b.6-0

What was it about MMA that first drew you attention, and what you you find most satisfying today about the sport?

I found MMA interesting than most other sports as I find its the most challenging, think of every type of combat sport then put it in to one… its like the old Martial Art Movies when you see fighters from around the world bringing their own styles and seeing who’s the best. Now its a reality and become mainstream! its satisfying to see MMA is the fasting growing sport in the world.

Where you do current train, and what's a concise rundown of your training session?

When at home in Sydney I'm at the Lions High Performance Centre in West Sydney then leading into a fight for Camp I'd head over to Jacksons Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque US to do at least 4-6 weeks there. Its awesome learning from them as they have so many high profiled fighters and number of Champions such as Jon Jones, Holly Holm, Andrei Arlovski, Donald Cerrone list goes on...

Other than yourself, who is your favorite mixed martial artist?

I have a few but like most fighters would say Fedor Emelianenko.

What's the toughest fight you have ever been in, and why? a. In the Octagon b. In another organisation or situation?

Hmmm toughest fight…my Dad? hahaha nah to be honest they’ve all been the same level as all my fights have been first round wins. Once I go past the first round or lose that will be my toughest.

What fighters have you been influenced by over the years?

James Te Huna, Mark Hunt, Jon Jones, Fedor Emelianenko…to many to name really.

What can you disclose to us about your business dealings with UFC top brass Dana White, (other than obviously you are signed to his organisation)

I’ve only met Dana once or twice briefly. My Manager Zen deals more with the organisation than me but so far everything has been great!

What's the biggest injury you have come back from, and what sort of rehab etc was most helpful?

So I had my first fight in 2013 then took nearly couple years with a knee injury so which is why I had only had 4 fights prior to UFC and had 3 of those fights were in 2016…it sucked but thanks to my physio getting me back to 100.

Who is your dream match opponent? Don’t really have one…I like surprises haha.

Who is your manager / promoter? Zen Ginnen from Ginnen Group management.

What sponsors and supporters have been of great assistance to you over the years?

It's only been less than a year since of being pro with UFC so still building relationships with a number of companies such as Muscle Bros, Altec Lansing, Reebok, Shogun Martial Arts to name a few but so far so good.

Tell us the details of your next big fight?

Aiming for mid year sometime as I just recovered from my busted hand from my fight in March, now I just keeping fit till my manager lets me know.

After UFC 209, did Paul Craig say anything to you after the fight, and if so, what? What feedback did other fighters or experts give you after the match?

After 209 fight with Paul he congratulated me for the win, he did say some cheeky things to me prior the fight but guess that's the game so I forgave him after I beat him silly hahaha. Got a lot of good feed back from lots of media and other fighters as Paul was suppose to be the next big thing like a Conor McGregor from Scotland as he was unbeatable also.

What parts of the world has your career taken you to?

So far just to the United states as I've just started .. does Melbourne count? haha.

What's your motto?

hmmm i’ll have to come back to you guys on that one…I don’t even have a fight name yet.

Are you involved in any other sports or businesses except for the MMA sector, or do you have any side projects you would like people to know about?

Working a number of projects with my manager which I’m excited as I’ve seen what he’s done with current UFC fighter Mark Hunt with the Biography Book, Documentary, Merchandise, Ambassador roles with a number of brands/companies and so on…so stay tuned.

Has your MMA training even come in handy for any situations on the street, before or after you became a professional competitor?

No not really…I’m not a trouble maker and tend to stay away from drama, but maybe one day I’ll see an old lady in a dark alley getting robbed then I can put on my bat man costume and rescue her….Well try too.

What's the biggest misconception about yourself?

Some people seem to think I,m nervous prior to fighting as I'm always smiling to hide my nerves. I just love to compete in MMA…which probably explains why I walk out to all my fights like I’m going to a dance party haha.

Do you have any other goals in the larger professional entertainment industry, or are you just sticking to MMA for now?

Lets see... still pretty early, for now just aiming for the top of the division and surprised how fast I’m getting there as being ranked 12th already in the UFC light heavyweight division within 6 months of debuting!

What's the best advice you would give to anyone who was considering getting into MMA on a professional level?

Just to surround yourself with good people and that will help you also reach your goals.


Editor's note: a very tough bloke, and a real good guy by all accounts. We and many other predict many great things for Tyson Pedro as his career continues. Defiantly a fighter to watch and for Australia to get behind.


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