Interview - The Rock

Interview: The Rock, Actor & Wrestler (Credit: ABC Mondo Thingo) : 2004

He was born Dwayne Douglas Johnson, he started his professional career as Flex Kavana but he's loved by wrestling and now action movie fans all over the world as The Rock.

He was just in Australian for his new film 'Walking Tall', so we thought we'd pin him to the mat with a few quick questions from Mondo Mixed Grill. Don't worry, we went easy on him.

AMANDA KELLER: What's the most embarrassing album in your collection?

THE ROCK: I've got an old Spice Girls album. Live... Live? You should hear that.

AMANDA KELLER: Who was your first celebrity crush?

THE ROCK: I was in love with J.Lo when she was a Fly Girl, even then when I was, like, 19, on 'In Living Color' before she was J.Lo. It was like, "Damn, who's that?"

AMANDA KELLER: Did you know that Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has a crush on you?

THE ROCK: Jada, she's beautiful. So how flattering is that, because she has as a husband, she's got Will Smith. Obviously, you know, he's a good-looking cat. He's the man in Hollywood. But she loves The Rock.

AMANDA KELLER: What do you do in your spare time?

THE ROCK: I'm always out on the water, fishing. Er, playing guitar. I love that too. It's fantastic. I can clear out a room when I play guitar. It's like...

AMANDA KELLER: What's your favourite food AFTER a few drinks?

THE ROCK: Before the drinks, it's very clean. "Chicken breast. Brown rice, please. No butter, thank you." After the drinks it's, "Get me some pizza. Hey... Get me the hamburger."


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