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Interview: Greg Tingle, Director of Media Man Australia, by Michelle Lovi -
The Surface - 25th October 2003


Greg Tingle [Media Man Australia]
Interviewed by THE SURFACE - 25 Oct 03

Greg Tingle, 32, began Media Man Australia in February 2003. His career as “a media and public relations entrepreneur and crusader” has taken off rapidly, and Greg is currently involved in a range of exciting projects.

“I don't see [the Media Man] as a job, in the traditional sense of the word—it's a role I play in the position as director of my media company. The role incorporates elements such as garnering positive media attention for my clients and I, publishing articles and PR's on MMA, submitting articles, pitches and scoops to other publications like newspapers, journals, radio stations and news media websites. I also do Internet broadcasting to a potential worldwide audience. I'm also a TV presenter at Sydney 's Channel 31.

“I am always seeking out new, worthwhile opportunities, and that involves keeping my ear pretty close to the ground, and dealing with an array of interesting, often influential, powerful types.”

Greg names a number of great perks he receives as a PR/media guru: “Invites to all the best gigs in town, free inscribed books, videos, CDs, all of which need reviewing, of course. Carte blanche to meet and deal with some of the world's most fascinating people. My clients and I often get fantastic service at cafe's. I seem to have a knack for getting things done for me by all sorts of people. I think the “power” thing is not all hype. I even got unsightly flags on the streets of Maroubra taken down after writing a public letter of complaint outlining the visual pollution and commercialisation of our otherwise beautiful suburb of Maroubra Beach. The motivation is always there to learn more.”

Favourite aspects of his role as the Media Man include: “Meeting and dealing with so many wonderful, interesting people. I am expanding my horizons every day. Interviewing people at Channel 31 has a sentimental significance for me, as the producer, Joy Hruby, gave me my break in television. I need to mention that the Internet provides constant learning and business opportunities. Seeing my ideas and research come to fruition, and benefiting so many, is most gratifying. I also like to expose fraud. Encouraging free thought and expressing freedom of speech in satisfying. Dealing with so many wonderful, supportive folks, many of whom reside in the good ol' USA.”

Being able to communicate a message that so many other people will read and consider is probably the most rewarding aspect of being a journalist, according to Greg. “I am still coming to terms with being referred to as a journalist, even though I have my formal qualifications. I need to put in more hard yards, and until I win a major journalism award, I don't mind if I am not thought of as a journalist.”

Greg has been the ‘Media Man' since he registered the business name in February 2003. “In my mind I have been the Media Man for almost 2 years. It's a gimmicky name, I concede, but memorable, and I can back up the bold claim now!”

His motivation for starting his business comes from a desire to be heard, and to make a positive difference. “I'm naturally a self starter, and the media business doesn't seem like very hard work to me… it's enjoyable, but time consuming. I made a commitment to myself that I would make it work.”

Greg has received a great deal of media attention and experience over the years, which contributed to this self-commitment. In 1998–2000, Greg wrote scripts and sales copy for Optus Vision and Telstra. He was interviewed in 2000 by 2UE's John Laws about his experience as a technology volunteer at the Olympic Games.

In 2001, Greg started his first website, Australian Sports and Entertainment Portal, where he began writing and reporting on pro wrestling. The following year he started writing articles on the technology business, which were published on He then started hanging around the local community TV station, becoming a regular, and a highlight of “Joy's World”.

Then in mid 2002, Greg enrolled in the News Media and Journalism Certificate III at Petersham TAFE. “As a requirement we had to create a business plan based on a media related business. I thought, Media Man Australia… that's me alright. I registered the business, and began submitting articles to anyone that would listen. In late 2002 I made the front-page of the Southern Courier with ‘Jump On Board'. In March 2003 I started Internet broadcasting, that is very powerful indeed. My website made me a global business. Last month [September] I received government funding to support my media endeavours.”

As the Media Man, the biggest story Greg has covered to date was the coverage of the California elections. “I now have a great relationship with Ric Drasin and his wife, via the wrestling and Arnold Schwartzeneger connection. This got me mentioned in the Boston Phoenix and Sacramento Bee! We trade emails and phone calls regularly with our many friends in California and New York.”

Greg also has a number of other projects in the works. “I have started my book, ‘Don't bullshit a bullshitter, from Newport Boy to Media Man'. Two weeks ago I was spotted by Hi't! Reality TV, produced by Brett Clements and Peter Dodds… they hired me to be one of the judges and to do their online strategy, specialising in search engines, portals and blogging. We [MMA] are also promoting some local and international talent at The Basement, in the Sydney CBD.”

Greg's dedication to his career is admirable; he puts in a lot of hours to achieve his goals. “It's a labour of love. I have basically no ‘spare time'. The little spare time I have is shared with my wonderful girlfriend, soon wife, and my beautiful daughter.”

His inspiration lies in the knowledge he is able to make a positive difference. “Looking at other successful people, and getting motivated to go out there and do it myself. When I have a set back, I just work harder and smarter, to ensure I get the result I require. If someone says ‘ Greg Tingle can't do that', know that I will do whatever it takes to prove that I can. When other successful media and PR folks say, ‘keep doing what you're doing, I love your work', I know I am on the right track. At times there are doubts, but then I remember that I used to dig ditches on the Sydney Water Board many moons ago, and now I am an Internet publisher, broadcaster, and people stand up and take notice when I speak at media forums in and around Sydney. I should say that it inspires me when people ask me for interviews, and I do like to be heard you know!”

In five years' time, Greg hopes to be “fluctuating between my TV and computer and the local beach, some 300 km's from Sydney. I will be making serious, positive waves in the Australian and international media and public relations business. All areas of my life will be balanced.”

For aspiring journalists, promising PR whizzes and future media gurus, Greg has some valuable advice to share: “Keep learning, exploring, speaking to others that made it. Don't quit. Get passionate about some particular subjects, and light a fire under yourself. Work hard, work smart and keep submitting good work. Be honest to yourself and those that you communicate with. Be prepared to fight through the pain barrier. Most of all, have fun!”

Personal Profile:

Age: 32
Lives in: Balmain
Favourite music: Air Supply, The Carpenters, KISS, Rammstein
Favourite movie: Barbarella, Planet of the Apes and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Favourite book: Derryn Hinch, That's Life
Favourite food: Thai Red Curry Chicken
Your style: Unique, fast, loud, unparalleled and defiantly noticeable!




Greg Tingle interview - 2nd July 2003

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