Interview - Ukwanni Warumbe

Interview: Ukwanni Warumbe, Artist & Actor: 20th September 2003

We interview the uniquely talented Ukwanni Warumbe, who recently returned to his home land of Africa.

We had the pleasure of meeting Ukwanni one evening at Joy's World, as screened on Sydney's Channel 31, where we do part time television presenting.

Ukwanni speaks on his background, inspirations and current projects.

What was my greatest accomplishment?

To be honest Greg, My greatest accomplishment so far has been making Air Force history on a number of occasions. I'm talking about the kind of events that were written into the study manuals promotion testing by NCO (Non Commissioned Officers) candidates.

What has been my biggest disappointment?

I would say Greg looking back over my life I wish I would have dared to dream bigger things. I do that now of course. But when you are young, you think in such limited terms. I say to all, follow our heart and reach far. I mean really challenge yourself.

Ukwanni, I want to ask you what you single passion is in life?

Greg, that is actually a very hard question to answer. I have a number of "Passions" which absolutely fuel my drive to achieve my best. The first one is my quest to live my best life every day! When I awake each morning Greg, making the most of whatever will come my way. The next thing inspires me is my love and live long involvement in art. For me Greg, my ability to create ignites a burning passion within. Just knowing I am creating something that no other human being have ever thought of before and in ways unique to me is truly awesome.

Please tell us Ukwanni, where has your art taken you?

I believe you want to know Greg what door has my art opened and also where have I exhibited my art?

Well, you can elaborate on both aspects for us Ukwanni if you want.

Alright Greg, well, to begin with my art has been a medium through which I have met some amazing people. Including politicians, community leaders, and of course other artists. A couple of them are very famous painters and photographers. I have exhibited in Europe Greg as well as recently in Sydney with more exhibits to follow here in south Africa very soon.

Tell us about your involvement in the film industry?

Sure Greg, I was "Scouted" by a number of talent professionals while there in Sydney, but I chose to go with one of the premier agencies. Through my agent I worked in TV commercials, a TV sit-com segment, and a TV pilot. I also got to work in the movie Matrix III which will release next summer. Acting may well become another one of my passions. Oh yeah, along those lines Greg, I just signed with a model agent. I'll get to broaden my portfolio of skills with this project.


Editors note: An inspiring interview to say the least. We look forward to hearing a great deal more from this unique talent.


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