Interview - Chris Yandek

Interview: Chris Yandek, Wrestling and Sports Journalist & Broadcaster:
10th December 2003

Greg Tingle once again interview's Chris Yandek, acclaimed wrestling and sports journalist.

We last "hooked up" with Chris in July 2003, and his career has once again moved ahead in leaps and bounds, and today is one of the most respected wrestling journalists in the world.

Chris Yandek discusses the promoting scence in the United States.

What makes a great wrestling promoter?

"Someone who doesn't lie. Someone who always pays the guys on times. Someone who looks out for his workers."

How much of a threat is NWATNA to the WWE?

"How can a company like NWATNA that is not making any major money be a threat to WWE?"

What kind of methods have you used do successfully to promote yourself?

"I am not a wrestling promoter. The internet can be an important outlet to reach people from other areas for sure."

How is Australia's own Nathan Jones being received by the American public?

"He is no wrestler. He is a joke to many."

What wrestling promotions and companies have been most supportive to you over the years?

"From a journalistic stand point, I think WCW, WWE, ECW, and NWATNA have all been good to me on media stories".



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