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involving all little Aussie battler Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Children & Families...
concerning our Right to Know


"The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference!"
Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Winner & New York City Writer

EDWARD DABROWSKI, National Director of the Children's Rights Council of Australia, is standing as an Independent Senate Candidate in Western Australia.

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Today Edward Dabrowski launched his 3-point plan for healing and justice rights for families and called on both the Government and the Opposition to hear the call of Aussie battler Mums, Dads, Grandparents, and Children & Families. “Our families want real practical help with their dignity left intact”, said Mr Dabrowski. They want the corrupt juggernaut of official Government interference and dismantling of families, shut down once and for all time, their families left intact and their personal dignity restored”, Mr Dabrowski said today. “We are moving ahead with the ‘cleansing’ of the State Apparatus used to irritate and dismantle families on a mass scale, and we have the support of tens of thousands of Aussies harmed by these systems and malpractice including profiteering of families through an active agenda in the Family Court and Divorce Industries to inflict pain and confusion and unbalanced custody outcomes. Children were being robbed of their life with a parent and headship in families was being removed, along with children’s sense of themselves, their personal identity, and their development as complete persons. Today we are turning a corner in the restoration of the Australian Family”, said Mr Dabrowski.

1. Calling for an "Emergency Intervention" to protect ALL of Australia's precious CHILDREN~PARENTS~FAMILIES from destruction

“I call on Mal Brough as the Australian Minister for Families, Communities & Indigenous Affairs to provide real community assistance and build capacity and resilience for families instead of his "tampa" stunt with the $500 Million Aboriginal Children "emergency intervention" where the money goes to army, police and the System feeding off the pain and suffering of people rather than self~help empowerment”, said Mr Dabrowski.

“The abORIGINAL problems have 219 years of systematic bullyforce control, oppression and suppression to extinguish a unique people of 50,000 years heritage with a rich culture and DreamTime traditions of great human Value. The Government had failed to honour the Aboriginal culture and traditions, the worst manifestation being the wholesale removal of children and the recent wave of segregation of aboriginal children from their families instead of working with families at grassroots level to improve their lives and empower parents”, he said.

2. Demanding an independent National Royal Commission (as per Sydney Daily Telegraph 14/11/07 full front page commitment) into the best interests, wellbeing and welfare of Australia's most valuable assets and hope for the future ~ Her CHILDREN~PARENTS~FAMILIES.

“I want to give everyday little Aussie battlers an opportunity to have an ongoing CommUNITY in diversity independent VOICE in matters that concern them and in the profoundly important personal matter of family and the sanctity of family life in the privacy of the sanctuary of the home”, Mr Dabrowski said today.

Mr Dabrowski said today that both John Howard and Kevin Rudd in their campaigning “had arrogantly dismissed the input of everyday Aussies. These so-called leaders in their arrogance and ignorance have constructed with untold $millions from the Australian people carefully orchestrated spin doctor political campaigns that are completely out of touch with the hearts and souls of everyday Aussies. They are divisive, destructive and not in the best interests of Australia's Children~Parents~Families and lack a productive CommUNITY Spirit of Goodwill.”

“The media too were culpable accepting millions of dollars in advertising, as the media trance with the presidential style campaign left Aussies without a voice and campaign that speaks for them”, save for the work of grassroots CommUNITY groups like ours”, said Mr Dabrowski.


A report today that the use of painkillers was costing $34Billion per annum gives some hint to the extreme emotional pain and health costs to the community of ongoing destruction and meddling in families and children’s bonds with their parents, by the family court and welfare systems.

“Today I am advising the Chief Justice of the Family Court Diana Bryant and the Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock as well as the Shadow Labor Minister that we are serious about ending crimes against the family in our beloved nation Australia.

At long last after 35 years the RECKONING ~ Accountability & Responsibility for crimes against families shall commence through legal action. I invite Geoffrey Robertson, renowned QC and UN Human Rights Court Judge, Sir Bob Geldolf along with Ralph Naider and other leaders in human rights social justice to support Aussie Families who had their families torn apart through collusion, anti-family ideologies and the blunt blade of the State child-removal apparatus”, said Mr Dabrowski.

“Today we commence with TeamWork my plan to initiate a $33 Billion plus CLASS ACTION against the Australian Government and the total Family Law Court System (which includes DOCS, DCD, the Legal Profession, Churches, Social Workers, Police, so-called court‘Experts’ and other participants) for gross negligence in duty of care and absolute failure in due diligence causing untold damage, hurt, loss and death to Australian CHILDREN~PARENTS~FAMILIES over the past 35 years, commented Mr Dabrowski. “There has been a cover-up whitewash that does not fool the clever everyday Aussie. I will shine a light on the cover-up of abuse, cruelty, injustice, neglect and death. Fatherlessness alone costs Australia over $30 Billion annually in damages, hurt, loss and death. Every 2 minutes we have a report of Child abuse, cruelty, injustice, neglect and death. Australia's {hidden} SHAME!!!”

The terrorizing outcomes from this heartless flawed and failing Social System have been {hidden} in secrecy causing humongous family, financial, and health total breakdown with countless deaths and suicides (5 distressed dads a day) due to the Kangaroo Court Star Chamber (as eloquently described by Dr. John Hirst of La Trobe University in the Quarterly Essay). The roots of these gross injustices are traceable to the corrupt, disgraceful Family Law section 121 "gag" on freedom of speech allowing the secret 'Concentration Camp' torture and torment of everyday Aussies ruining them lifelong.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it all when declaring war on the Nazi atrocities ~ "all that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing!"

Will the Australian Press/Radio/TV Industry "RIGHT TO KNOW" Campaign take up these blatant "freedom of speech" and human rights violations???

CommUNITY & Creativity-in-Action

There are no problems, ONLY creative, positive, constructive, people empowerment self-help SOLUTIONS.

We are planning an independent grassroots gathering, netweaving and galvanizing process over the next 228 days to the 11-13 July '08

International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children Parents~Families
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a work-in-progress like us all }

in the beautiful Newcastle Region of NSW Australia.

Our purpose is to bring together the natural freedom and joy of grassroots Aussie ingenuity, innovation and imagination wealth (= the DreamTime!) as the mischievous and playful Nobel Prize winning creativity thinker scientist Dr Albert Einstein said...

"IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge, for knowledge is limited
to all that we now know and understand, while IMAGINATION embraces the whole world and all there will be to know and understand."


see as work-in-progress like us all

EDWARD DABROWSKI, Independent Senate Candidate, Western Australia...

ONE QUESTion within his MANifesto for the Federal Elections ~



Personal Bio:

Senior Engineer at BHP Billiton, Australia's biggest Company;
volunteer National Director, Children's Rights Council ~ ~

and Shared Parenting Council of Australia ~

volunteer Development Director & CommUNITY Web Master on the

International CREATIVITY SUMMIT for Children~Parents~Families to be

held in the beautiful Newcastle Region 11-13 July 2008: MAP;
Custodian/Steward with his daughter Zosia 11 and son Josef 9 of the

Balingup Acres Seed Farm and the Children's Mother Earth Gardens Project;

volunteer co+CEO of the "Lady Liberty ground zero Creativity Center", New York City, USA.

Independent Senate Candidate, Bunbury, Western Australia.

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