Grant Galea

Grant Galea

Grant Galea (right) and friend (Barnardos fundraiser at Stamford Plaza Hotel)

Lauryn Eagle, Grant Galea and Ashleigh Seymour (Todd and Grant's Party)

World renowned crooner, Grant Galea, with Lauryn Eagle (Miss Teen International) and Ashleigh Seymour (Miss Teen Australia), at one of the parties of the year. Approx. 200 people were there and there were entertained by a variety of entertainers, including Lorelei and Sarina, Sydney's burlesque duo, who apparently flew in from Las Vegas for the event. This party sets the benchmark for all parties in 2007. Special thanks to all who came along. YouTube highlights

Media Man Australia Review of Dean Martin & Me - 28th July 2006

It was years since I had seen Grant Galea do his thing.

In a keys setting entitled The Statement Cabaret Lounge I recently got to witness one of Australia's great (and perhaps under appreciate) performing artists.

In these days of music videos, lip sync, reality television and piss poor entertainment, it was a wonderful experience to have been taken back to tradition and memory lane, to see and feel what real entertainment and authenticity (even including the impersonations) was all about.

From the get go Dean, um, Grant impressed me and the audience by explaining that he now performed mainly as himself, as encouraged to my many of the world's top performing artists.

From Dean Martin through to Sinatra, Deano really hit the spot.

The manner is which he morphed from artist to artist, and blending in his narration in a smooth, credible, yet humorous fashion, was bloody impressive.

At the conclusion of the evening, Deano joined my lady friend and I for a drink and chat, and at times I had to slap myself in reassurance that I wasn't slamming drinks and swapping underworld yarns with the real Dean Martin.

From the stage, to the bar, to the (not so) green room, this was simply Deano.

In the often fake world of the entertainment industry, Grant is as legit as they come.

All that's left to say is Bring Back The Rat Pack.


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News Stories

Dean Martin Down Under?
Monday, 7 July 2003

Presenter: Martin Powley

Grant Galea is Australia's King of Swing.

Best known for his work as tribute artist Dean Martin Jnr, Galea's credentials as a singer and impressionist are, well, impressive. On the world stage, Galea has worked in Vegas as a support act for Nancy Sinatra. Back home in Australia he's had roles in Grass Roots and GP. In actual fact Galea's a trained actor who studied at Sydney's Ensemble. He attributes his impressionistic ability to his drama school days where he learned, "If you're going to play a character, you've got to get under the skin of the guy." True to his training, Galea does more than play Dean Martin. He's become au fait with all the details of his life, including what he ate, what he drank and what he wore.

It was on the advice of Nancy Sinatra that Grant eventually put together a show as himself, rather than his alter ego. Galea says he began to feel he was cheating the audience by performing as everyone but himself.

These days Galea has gotten back to his roots as a crooner from Cooge Beach in Sydney. The Dean Martin influence is still strong, but now the show includes comic impressions ranging from Robert De Niro to Michael Caine and Gough Whitlam.

Galea likens his versatile style to that of Sammy Davis Junior, but he also admires that other rat packer, Bobby Darrin, whom he calls the "master of swagger". Galea thinks it was Darrin's "youthful effervescence" that separated him from all the other crooners of the time. An apt comment, coming from Galea himself.

ABC Coast FM's Martin Powley donned smoking jacket and fixed a martini to join Grant Galea in the swing lounge... Credit: ABC

2007 News

Grant Galea appeared on Channel Seven's 'Australia's Got Talent' - 18th February 2007

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