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The World is one of the most ambitious modern developments - 300 man made islands in the shape of the world map off the coast of Dubai. The development is completely dredged from the sea and is so large that it is visible from space. The World, which was the brainchild of Sheikh Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, is to Dubai what the Pyramids were to Egypt - an amazing feat of imagination, and mega engineering.

Each island ranges from 23,000 m² to 84,000 m² (250,000–900,000 square feet or 5.74–20.66 acres) in size, with 50–100 m of water between each island. The development will cover an area of 9 km in length and 6 km in width, surrounded by an oval breakwater. The only means of transport between the islands will be by boat and helicopter. Prices for the islands range from $15 million (USD) to $45 million (USD). The average price for an island is around $25 million (USD). Dredging started in 2004 and in March of 2007 The World was around 90% complete.

It is owned and is being constructed by Nakheel Properties (Nakheel Corp.)

It will be located 4.1 km off the shore of Jumeirah, close to Palm Jumeirah, between Burj Al Arab and Port Rashid of Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The World is sometimes mistakenly referred to as The Palm World. It is also known as the Globe Islands.

Unconfirmed developments

Since the project's commencement, there have been many unconfirmed reports of celebrities who have purchased, or intend to purchase, an island.

At the end of March 2006, Richard Branson appeared at a media conference on the "Great Britain" island; however this was to announce direct London-Dubai flights by Virgin Atlantic, and was not related to him investing in any of the islands.

Fijian golfer Vijay Singh has been linked to the archipelago, but it is not confirmed that he has bought or intends to buy an island - he is involved with another Nakheel Properties development at Jumeirah on the Dubai mainland.

On October 24, 2006 Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher was presented with one of the islands by Dubai’s Crown Prince General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Schumacher's manager Willi Weber suggested, "Perhaps he'll build a kart racing track on [the island]."

British celebrities Rod Stewart and David Beckham have also been rumoured to have bought into this project, but neither of these have been confirmed. Beckham does however own a villa on the nearby Palm Jumeirah development.

Confirmed developments

One of the few confirmed developments is the purchase of 14 islands that make up Australia and New Zealand by Investment Dar. The islands are being terraformed to the investors specifications to create 19 islands, to be developed as a resort named OQYANA.

It was reported on 16 March 2007 that the 'Ireland' island had been bought by an Irish business consortium, Larionovo. There are plans to develop 119 units, by 2010, which will be built using imported Irish granite and limestone. (Credit: Wikipedia).


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