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Malcolm grew up in Vaucluse and Double Bay in the 1950s and 1960s. His father, Bruce, was a single parent for much of Malcolm's childhood. They lived in a series of flats, mostly rented.

Malcolm was educated at Vaucluse Public School and Sydney Grammar School. Malcolm's high school education at Sydney Grammar was assisted by a scholarship.

Seventeen years ago Malcolm arranged for an additional means tested scholarship to be established at Sydney Grammar in memory of his late father.

Malcolm graduated from Sydney University with a BA LLB. He won a Rhodes Scholarship and completed a further law degree at Oxford.

During and after his studies at Sydney University, Malcolm worked as a journalist with the Bulletin, 2SM, TCN 9 and the London Sunday Times.

After a successful career in journalism Malcolm began practicing law in 1980. He quickly established a reputation as an effective advocate, most notably when he successfully defended former MI5 agent Peter Wright against the British Government, in the "Spycatcher" trial.

Malcolm left law for business in 1987 where he has since been responsible for the establishment and success of many Australian businesses. In particular he has been a determined supporter of Australian technology. He co-founded OzEmail in 1994. His software companies have won many awards for exporting Australian technology.

In 1997 Malcolm was elected to attend the Australian Constitutional Convention. He led the republican case in that Convention and in the subsequent referendum.

Malcolm has initiated numerous policy and research projects in areas such as education, indigenous affairs, home ownership affordability, balancing work and family responsibilities and national population and fertility policy. He has been Chair of the Menzies Research Centre since 2001.

Malcolm married Lucy Hughes in 1980. Their two children, Alex and Daisy attended local schools and are now completing University.

Lucy and Malcolm have been partners not only in marriage but also in their many businesses. Lucy was the first female Lord Mayor of Sydney, a position she held until early 2004.

Malcolm was elected as the Federal Member for Wentworth at the general election on 9 October, 2004.

Malcolm has had a long interest in water policy and water conservation in particular. On 24 January 2006 the Prime Minister appointed Malcolm the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister with responsibility for water policy.


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