Croc hunter Irwin in trade mark row

Croc hunter Irwin in trade mark row - 31st October 2003
(Credit: IP Access)

Publisher: Northern Territory News

Croc hunter Irwin in trade mark row.

Crocodile hunter Mick Pitman's decision to include references to 'The Croc Hunter' on his publication material and website could be a breach of a trademark.

A letter was sent from 'The Best Picture Show' spokesman John Harris to Mr Pitman claiming he is infringing the trade mark rights of ... The Crocodile Hunter' and requesting him to remove all references of it from his website and publications.

Mr Pitman alleges Steve Irwin is a photographer of crocodiles not a crocodile hunter.

To be a genuine crocodile hunter Mr Pitman says someone 'should have at least killed one croc.'



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