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The Legal System!

The Media Man Australia showcase of "interesting" situations in the Australian and International legal system. You be the judge!

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Late 2005 - mid to late 2006

Legal situations in the fashion and media world - Jennifer Hawkins, Virgin Star Maas, "The Hustler", Charles "Fantasy Island" Gant, Zoo Weekly / FHM (Emap) VS models and agents


Publicist attacked by poison pen

Discrimination in Australian courts, by Giles

During the month of May 2001, by Giles

Family Court Media!, by Terry Bowker

Articles - legal misc

Can they use your website in a TV broadcast about scams? By Elena Petrova

Defamation: Who Needs Protection? - 4th September 2003

Police hand Bulldogs file to state prosecutor

ABC Media Dimensions - Transcript of episode 7 - 17th September 2001

Tourism and Prostitution

The Hall Of Shame

Media and Philosophy - 'Money is the symbol of exchange in human relationships', by John Lenard

Thailand to consider legalising its famous sex industry, by Michael Mathes

Australia's richest man cleared of breaching media laws

Nightclub rape danger in New Zealand

Banned - the film on teenage life too hot for Australia, by Gary Maddox

Book Review: Secrets, Lies & Chat, by Greg Tingle

Spam: When will spam be banned?

Articles - life

Stand by your man, by Greg Tingle - 6th October 2003



"Slamming" Sam Kekovich

Derryn Hinch

Vena McGrath, Author, 'Secrets, Lies & Chat'

Virgin Star

Gabrielle Maas

Wanted Criminal


Mark Flowers

Tim Bristow

The Underworld

Greg Tingle

Nathan Jones (reformed prisoner)

Mick "The Cuttar" Cutajar (reformed prisoner)


Interview: ABC National OH&S Advisor, Peter Clancy: 10th March 2003

Interview: Scott Wickstein, Founder & Blogger, The Eye of the Beholder & 7th September 2003

Interview: Derek Wilding, Director, Communications and Law Centre: 18th July 2003

Interview: Donald Robertson, Media Manager, Australian Broadcasting Authority: 4th September 2003

Interview: Cranky Media Guy, Publisher, Author & Announcer - 23rd June 2003

Interview: Robbie Swan, Director, The EROS Association: 14th July 2003

Interview: Giles Acford, Professional Driver & Entrepreneur: 14th July 2004

Interview: Vena McGrath, Author & Internet Chat Authority: 30th March 2004

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Maroubra Beach Sydney : Oasis in the East?


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