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Reality TV is simply not real, by Greg Tingle

Reality TV is simple not real.

Did anyone seriously think a TV show referred to as "reality TV" would be "real"?

When has TV ever been real, well, other than the odd credible documentary, but the fact remains that television programming has directors, producer's, and a healthy does of editing into the mix.

Reality TV fans (or producers) may not want to believe what you are about to read...

Fake sweat was applied to one of the star's brows, in The Block. Yes, that's right, fake sweat.

Couple's on Temptation Island, were not real couples.

These are just a few examples of this cheap to produce television, television producers called reality TV.

Once in a while reality TV becomes a little too real for producers, and they don't like it.

Big Brother fan's will remember "x" saying her "x" was a criminal.

The Jerry Springer Show, which is a talk show, with lots of audience participation, will remember the case where some guests appeared on his show (Ralf Panitz and his ex-wife, Nancy Campbell-Panitz), and some 12 hours later that appearance sparked emotions, and Nancy Campbell-Panitz was murdered (for real).

All it took for Ralf Panitz to murder his ex-wife, Nancy Campbell-Panitz, on the 24th July 2000, was years of a bad relationship, and a heated discussion on The Jerry Springer Show.

That is not the first case, or the last case of Reality TV running a mock, but it is the most infamous.

The participants in 'There's Something About Miriam" settled out of court with the producers, after being mislead et al.

The public has questioned the reality or this type of television for decades.

Who can remember Quiz Show? It was actually a game show, but some may argue is was the predecessor to reality television.

Then again, reality is what we all choose to believe. For the deep thinkers out there, if something exists, it is in fact real, even if it has been spin doctored all day.

Media Man Australia has became aware of an Australian reality TV show in the making that is as real as you are going to get - H'it'! Ok, were are bias we admit, as we have secured the role of judge, however, the talent has real talent, and the producers, Brett Clements and Peter Dodd's, are in touch with reality! (updated as at April 2004 - no Australian TV networks have picked up the show!)

Not only that, they are youth and technology savvy, and are casting real, fresh, talented, talent. Now there's a novel concept! (Read and listen to the interview with H'it'! creator, Brett Clements)

Folks, reality TV may not be real, but with the public telling producers they want more reality, and less contrived storylines, things are about to get a whole lot more real, in the reality TV space - the real example of reality oxymoron's!

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