Wheels On Fire

Wheels On Fire

Gary Young's "Wheels On Fire" is one of the classic motor sports documentaries of all time.

Mostly filmed in Liverpool, Sydney, in 1973, the documentary appeals to both "rev heads" and the wider audience, who want to re live the Australian history of the drag strip.

As Young demonstrates, its more than just cars, tits and ass.

See Australia's first ever "race cam", strapped onto the drag car, which takes you behind the wheel at speeds above 300 kilometers per hour.

Get a close up of the characters as they walk the walk, and tirelessly maintain and dress up their hot rods - elaborate paint work, which is street art at its finest.

Young, John Torv, Holger Brockman and Jim Read give you the best real look at the sport of drag racing.

This documentary by The Film Factory, may be just the thing to bring the fans back to the strip to the levels of popularity it once enjoyed.


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