Interview - Jennifer Angel

Interview: Jennifer Angel, Speaker, Presenter, Trainer & Author:
12th October 2003

Greg Tingle, Director of Media Man Australia, continues in the tradition of interviewing some of his fellow Channel 31 TV presenters, in this case, Jennifer Angel.

Community involvement continues to reap its own rewards for those who are prepared to give something back to the community in which they live.

Jennifer is an authority on life balance, relationships and all things spiritual.

It is our pleasure to bring this interview to the Media Man Australia audience.

What's your background?

I'm a Speaker, Presenter, Trainer and Author specializing in Life Balance and Relationships and have spent 25 years studying Mind Body Spirit areas of life and Universal Laws. Also I have had considerable experience in the beauty arena, in the corporate industry and as a professional make up artist.

What motivates you?

I love working in a team to bring a project to fruition and also love to be paid well for my efforts. I am a professional with a strong business background and need to be challenged with something new. I then give it my all and do the best I can with it.

Where does your spiritual side come from?

Over the years I have had a natural learning towards developing myself and becoming a better more balanced person. The more we accept and love ourselves, the more balanced and integrated we become as people. I believe in a power or intelligence greater then us but don't know what this is.

Where does your creative side come from?

Being naturally intuitive and also a logical well organized person means that I need to put time aside to reflect on things to allow my creative side to bring through my inspiration. I like to spend time by myself tuning out. Also I get a lot of good ideas just before I go to sleep and they seem to clarify in finer details when I wake up.

How did you get involved in Channel 31?

I was invited to Channel 31, Joys World program to do an interview on Flirtation; it was called Flirting Around The World. From there I met Joy Hruby and started my own segment on her show, Joys World, called 'Dear Angel' where I interview a guest and have a relationship Q&A section at the end of my segment.

What does a good relationship entail?

Relationships are about Compatibility and compromise. You need a good dose of compatibility, at least 75%, ideally more like 85 to 90, if you don't have that then you don't have much. Then you need to throw in a dash of compromise because that's what life is all about, learning to get along with others. An intimate romantic relationship will stretch your 'getting along with others' skills to the hilt. A good relationship consists of support and challenge, not all support as most people want or believe they can have. This is a total myth and an unrealistic expectation. A true committed relationship is about learning and loving the good bits as well as the icky bits and being able to work through the challenging parts that are inevitable with relationships. After all who wants to be with someone who walks out when the going gets tough, its about give and take, love and acceptance.

How does one keep a relationship "fresh"?

Romance is the best ingredient to keep love fresh. Doing all those little things that you used to do when you first got together. Buying little cards, sending flowers, a romantic dinner for two, surprise presents. Many couples start to take each other for granted after a while and don't give each other the simple considerations they did in the beginning. Even things like not assuming you know what their answer is going to be or what they want to do. Don't mould together so close that you lose your individuality. Stay interesting to each other by keeping a part of your life separate and remember to love, respect and be considerate of each other, all basic good manners.

Why are relationships "hard work"?

Sometimes relationships seem to be hard work because they challenge us to be better people. Even close friends, family and work associates can stay on a somewhat superficial level but a romantic intimate relationship goes the whole way. Especially if you live together or are married, after a short period of time, usually 3 months of being in close proximity of each other, your guard drops and you get to show the other person the real you. This is where the compromise part comes in. There is no better way to develop your inner personal self then to get involved in a close or committed relationship. Then comes the challenging part, coming to terms with who you are, because you learn all sorts of things not only about your partner but about yourself too.

Why is fun important?

Fun keeps the lightness in a relationship, it allows us to let loose and bring the child out in us. Life can become ever so serious with careers, financial commitments and children to bring up and support that without any fun it can become dull boring and a drudge. Fun is a natural part of our being and if it is lacking in a relationship this is when a partner can unconsciously look for it elsewhere and start to enjoy the company of others who provide this part of life for them.

Our audience is interested to know your relationship status?

I am very much in love with an American man called Terry, who lives in Orlando, Florida. We travel back and forth to see each other and I totally him. A decision has not been made as yet to make a further commitment, and for now we enjoy speaking on the phone daily and communicating by email in-between our visits. Terry is a great communicator and we talk about anything and everything. With this type of relationship, because you don't have the face-to-face contact, you build a very strong friendship, which is an essential ingredient for a happy and lasting relationship.

Describe a typical day for you?

I like to go to bed late because I seem to get a burst of energy around 5.00pm, which keeps me on the computer working till about 8.00 or 9.00pm. Then by this time my boyfriend in America is up because its 6.00 or 7.00am in the morning over there so we talk on the phone, generally for about an hour or so, then I like to watch TV. First I check out Fox News and Sky News to see what's happening locally and internationally on the news front. Then I switch to something light like Sienfield so I can chill out and clear my mind of the daily 'stuff' before I go to sleep. Then just before I go to sleep I think about any opportunity or issue that I need some guidance on and let that permeate whilst I am sleeping. Then when I wake up I find I have much more clarity and the answers are there or at least clearer. I love to sleep in but force myself to get out of bed around 5.30ish, make a cup of green tea, check my emails, get back into bed so I can slumber for 30 minutes whilst watching the news again and then off to the gym for the 7.30 torture class or a bike ride on my push bike, depending on the weather. After that each day is different. I could be writing my book, column or newsletters, or out on a presenting job or just doing general office admin stuff. And occasionally I will treat myself and catch up with a girlie friend for some well overdue gossip and lunch. At the moment I'm doing acting classes and studying applied psychology. Next year I'm planning to learn Japanese, mainly so I can talk to the people in my favorite Japanese restaurant which I go to about twice a week and Terry my American man also speaks some Japanese. So life is busy and when life is full and busy its important to priorities your day's activities and the people you spend your time with. There are some people who I love to see and are a priority, and others who I find negative or less then pleasant to be around so I limit time with them. It's important to stay positive and optimistic about life and invite people into your life who have the same values.

What books have you authored?

The first book I wrote was on angels and how to develop your intuitive instincts by getting in touch with your inner angel titled Send Me An Angel. I have also written 2 books on relationships, one on Dating and the other on Flirtation, both to be published in 2004. I am now writing a book on divorce and how to find love after divorce, which I am interviewing people on to be able to show a variety of situations.

What do you consider to be your career highlights?

Writing my books has certainly been highlights for me and also I had a stage show designed around my Angel book called Send Me An Angel, which was fun. I also had my own talk back radio show, which I loved but speaking and particularly TV presenting is the thing I love the most. I have a good connection with the camera and it allows me to communicate with a large number of people all at once.

What goals are you working towards?

I have developed a show, which is multicultural based and different to anything on TV at the moment. My mission in life is to help people have better relationships and to bring people together of all cultures and this show would bring this dream true for me. Other than that, I love any TV work and intend to write many more books and columns sharing my advice to many worldwide.

How do you give back to the community?

I like to do something on a community bases. At the moment I am working on community TV, Joys World and I do the production co-ordination for this show as well. Previously I have spent time on committees of non-profit business organizations such as SWAP bringing educational networking experiences to small business people within the local market. I am presently looking for a charity to support that I can also be a figurehead for.

How does technology help and hinder you?

I love my computer and being up to day with technology. There are so many things you can do now to communicate with the world. Audio, video and written, it appeals to everyone on one level or another. But I hate it when something goes wrong. I am learning to be more computer literate but most things I just do not know how to fix, so I have a great computer guy who helps me get going again. I love my email and can't stand it if it's not working, I feel like my lifeline has been cut.

What's your motto?

Be persistent; commitment and being positive wins in the end.

What do you do to relax?

I meditate when I want to get inspiration or back in balance. I have a Rapid Relaxation process, which, I designed, and teach to busy people who don't have time to relax. But what I really like to do to relax is to be by myself and just be quiet, either watching TV, or just sitting and reflecting on things. Watching TV is great for me, movies take my mind totally off everything and give me a break. I love movies, on the TV or at the cinema, girlie ones, teary ones and action movies. Actually I am not keen on the real die-hard thrillers and I don't like horror. Other than that, walks with my gorgeous man and dining out, mainly at Japanese restaurants are all part of my relaxation package.


Editors note: a fascinating, deep and spiritual interview to say the very least. If you would like to contact Jennifer, watch for details on Sydney's Joy's World, on Channel 31, Sunday mornings or contact us on


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Bio (credit Jennifer Angel official website)

Jennifer Angel, Director of Executive Wisdom P/L is a master at teaching people how to integrate easy to use techniques and formulas. This allows them to gain greater results in all areas of their life. Her professional presentations are content rich and thought provoking. She has helped thousands of people achieve life balance and rewarding relationships, allowing them to live fulfilled and satisfied lives.

Her presentations and workshops are informative and hands on. She gives the audience and participants’ real ideas and material to take away to start making positive changes in their lives straight away.

Jennifer hosted her own evening radio show on Radio 2SM in Sydney, Australia conducting talk back radio as well as numerous radio interviews. Her TV appearances include Bert Newton Morning Show, Current Affair, Tasmania Morning Show, and many more. She also presented a successful series of stage shows in Sydney venues for her show – Send Me An Angel.

She is the author of best selling book Send Me An Angel, and has authored books on Dating and Flirtation as part of her Successful Woman’s Series. She has written articles for leading magazines on intuitive thought, the benefits of positive healing energy and how to have balance in all areas of life as well as many articles on Beauty and Make-up.

She has also spent 15 years in the beauty and make-up arena working as National Training Manager and State Sales Manager in the corporate retail industry, as well as in the film industry as a professional make-up artist for many years.

As a member of the International Concourse of Wisdom, she is dedicated to learning all aspects of personal interaction and relationships. She has spent the past 30 years studying locally and internationally under many well-known teachers of philosophy and is currently studying applied psychology. She demonstrates how to gain Self Mastery in your inner and outer lives by helping you develop dynamic behaviours for Life Excellence.