Interview - Darren Gray

Interview: Darren Gray, Director, Darren Gray Management: 15th June 2003

Darren Gray is one of Britin's, if not the world's, most respected Actor's Agents.

Media Man Australia's recently met one of the actors that Darren Gray represents, Wally Green, at Joy Hruby's book launch of "Dubbo Dazzlers", in Sydney.

Wally was an absolute delight to speak with (and party with), and I was smart enough to ask for this details. In the near future an interview with Wally Green should appear on Media Man Australia.

Darren Gray discusses some of the highlights of his own career, what he does, and current projects.

How, why and when did you establish the agency?

I had met Joy Hruby in Sydney during the early 1990s whilst out there presenting my TV show 'Darren Gray Down Under' for the British pay-tv channel Wire TV. Whilst over there United Artists, who owned the channel, decided to pull out of the pay-tv business and I was left stranded half-way around the world - well I'd rather be stranded in sunny Australia than anywhere-else!!

Joy was considering going back into the agency business after several years break from her previous agency, Studio J, and we ended up forming Joy's Creative Management. After several years in Australia I decided to return to the UK due to the continued demand for Australian actors over there and as these actors were being ripped off by unscrupulous pommy agents who were ripping them off.

As a result Darren Gray Management was created, we specialise in representing mainly Aussie actors and continue to go from strength to strength.

What's your background?

I was born, well naturally, in Portsmouth, England and was originally a television presenter and journalist. I hosted numerous shows, mainly about the world of entertainment on the British pay-tv station Wire TV which included Darren Gray Down Under (from Australia), Darren Grays Day and the quiz show Soap Quest.

I wrote regular columns for such publications as Bella, Satellite Times, Cable Times, LAM, and other reports for The Stage, Hello, TV Week and TV Soap in Australia..... As well as founding Darren Gray Management in the UK, and co-founding Joy's Creative Management in Australia, I produced Doug Moody's play 'Second Hand Dreams' in Sydney twice - starring Colleen Clifford and Toni Pearen, and also a sell-out season of Colleen's one-woman show.

What have been your career highlights?

That's a hard one, there have been many. Bringing so many Australian actors from Home & Away and Neighbours into Britain I suppose. We flood British theatres at Christmas for pantomimes every year.

I have got Annalise Braakensiek working as Bruce Forsyth's hostess on Play Your Cards Right (a TV game show), had Gabrielle Richens working in the Jordanian desert as presenter of the adventure game show The Desert Forges, and when Rebecca Ritters joined the cast of the long-running British soapie Coronation Street.

On the other side of the spectrum highlights have been bringing Jeannie Lightbrown and Alan Coleman (who helped found Reg Grundy's Drama Department and is the king of serialised drama) to tour nationally with their individual seminars for actors. Alan then had a successful stint directing the British soap Family Affairs. Oh, and we even brought Liz Mullinar to the UK to launch her books- Liz of course starting the hugely successful Mullinars Casting Consultancy in Oz.

What are you most well known for?

Reprenting Australian actors, producers, directors and writers in Britain. I am the only agent that specialises in doing this. Prior to this I was known for my TV work of course.

What media coverage have you received?

Lots over the years, profiles in Encore Magazine and general interviews on TV, radio and press for both myself and the actors.

What do you do on a day to day basis?

Talking to casting directors on the phone, via e-mail etc. Arranging auditions and publicity sessions for my actors. Having business lunches and drinks with clients. Going to the theatre in the evening for one opening night or another.

What is the biggest misconception about the entertainment industry?

That the business is easy, the general public don't see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Also that many viewers seem to believe that my actors are the characters they play in a soaps, they seem to be under the impression that they actually are the character they portray and not an actor.

How do you put "the business" in show business?

By being myself, just ask anyone that has ever worked with me!

Who are some of the most talented actors on your books?

That's a very hard question to answer as I wouldn't work with any actor that I didn't believe to be talented. But amongst them have been the late Colleen Clifford, Kathleen McCormack, Judy Nunn, Ian Rawlings, Rebecca Ritters. Annalise Braakensiek.... And many more, so if your name isn't on this list please don't be offended!!

Where do you find most of your work coming from?

It depends on the time of year. At Christmas time its panto's. During the Summer its outdoor touring Shakespeare seasons and Summer runs of shows in theatres. On a general note through the year its a steady flow of theatre, film, tv, presenting, radio, corporate events and commercials.

What is your unique selling proposition?

I have talented actors who can do the job required, that's simply it.

Why do clients keep coming back to you time and time again?

You'd have to ask them that! I imagine its because they get treated well by my agency and we work hard on their behalf.

What motivates you?

Seeing talented people working and getting the jobs they deserve to have. The money is nice as well of course.

What are your current projects?

I have actors about to go into new TV and theatre projects. We are looking at bringing an Australian stage production to Britain, and I'm finalising agreements for actors to fly over for this Christmas for panto season.

We are also looking at developing a new TV series with producer Doug Moody and starring veteran actor Wally Green from Xena Warrior Princess.

What else should our audience know about Darren Gray Management?

I think that's about it but they can keep posted on any new developments with the agency by logging onto the agency website at-


Editors note: A complicated and interesting subject, to say the least. Media Man Australia so dam pleased that we still have freedom on speech in Australia, or should that be, freedom of internet!


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